Supercharge Close Rates with Advanced Sales Call Software

Zero in on exactly where conversions are slipping away from your sales teams, so you can help sharpen their skills and focus their communications. Convirza’s sophisticated, AI-powered sales call software goes beyond analyzing simple keywords and phrases to reveal exactly what’s happening when phone calls fail to convert.

Convirza Helps You Monetize More Calls

Introducing your sales department’s secret weapon. Convirza detects buying intent, instantly scores leads, and provides crucial insights to help your sales teams increase closing rates.

Solution: Real-Time Insight

Convirza’s Conversation Analytics® solution uses artificial intelligence to evaluate caller interest level, tone of voice, needs, and opportunities in real time. Sales agents can see exactly when–and why–callers are gaining or losing interest, then adjust their messaging accordingly. Straightforward, easy-to-interpret dashboards provide clear direction, so sales agents can capture more conversions in the moment.

Solution: Take Action Faster

Let our advanced algorithm crunch the data to determine exactly why your phone calls aren’t converting, then issue an automatic notification to your sales agents to follow up. Instant lead scoring and rapid reporting allow your sales teams to pick up the conversation before the lead cools. Re-connect with prospects using targeted offers and language that matches exactly where they are in their buying journey.

Solution: Discover Coaching Areas

Sales may be an art, but every interaction can be enhanced by science. Using dozens of out-of-the-box indicators (or other customized indicators set by you), Convirza’s sophisticated, AI-powered Conversation Analytics solution draws reliable connections between agent actions and sales performance. Discover small adjustments that can dramatically impact sales performance, then track sales agent results over time.

Convirza Elevates Sales Performance

Achieve a new level of insight into your sales department’s performance and discover exactly what sales agents can do to improve outcomes.

Call Tracking

Connect ads and marketing campaigns to your phone calls and conversions with automatic call tracking and recording.

  • Attribute sales and marketing efforts to results
  • Reduce hold times by routing sales calls more effectively
  • Improve lead conversion rates
  • Use whisper messages to learn to which advertisement the caller is responding
  • Use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to learn what webpages your callers viewed before calling

Conversation Analytics®

AI-powered call analytics tell you exactly what happens during phone conversations and automates what to do next.

  • Accurate identification of conversions, lead quality, and sales skills
  • Reduce costs and complexity of manual call listening
  • Identify sales skill gaps on your team
  • Integrate call details with your CRM, bid management software, and more
  • Dozens of out-of-the-box indicators, plus custom indicators available

Opportunity Assistant

Use artificial intelligence to surface caller buying intent and conversion language when callers don’t make a sale. Increase response time by automating follow-up actions for your sales teams.

  • Discover caller intent lead strength
  • Take immediate action before callers contact competitors
  • Use analytics to discover the reasons callers do not convert
  • Capture more unrealized sales without additional spend

Lead Scoring for Phone Calls: The Revolutionary New Metric

What if you could determine, in a matter of minutes, which leads were most likely to convert into a sale? Learn how Convirza’s advanced Conversation Analytics solution assigns a lead score to your callers, enabling you to determine campaign/ channel/ keyword/ ad value by the quality of phone calls generated.

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