Maximizing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction in a 200-Store Tire Chain

Discover how conversation intelligence transforms customer service in tire shops, enhancing understanding, personalization, and satisfaction.
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A leading tire chain with over 200 locations throughout the eastern United States encountered significant obstacles in marketing attribution and maintaining customer satisfaction due to the sheer volume of 500,000 monthly calls. The manual scoring of just 4% of these calls achieved an 85% accuracy rate, which was inadequate for the company’s standards for quality and reliability.


The main hurdle for this tire chain was improving the accuracy of call scoring across its extensive network while ensuring high customer satisfaction. Their previous manual scoring system was insufficient with half a million calls each month. The goal was to score all calls accurately, a critical factor for assessing marketing effectiveness and providing consistent customer experiences across all stores.


The tire chain partnered with Convirza, implementing a state-of-the-art call analytics platform that provided real-time data to each store. This enabled the company to score every incoming call, marking a significant leap from their previous capability. Convirza’s Sales Optimization platform was instrumental in this transformation, boasting an impressive 95%+ accuracy in call scorecards over the past year, a notable improvement over manual scoring accuracy.


Enhanced Data Analytics: The adoption of Convirza’s platform allowed for real-time data analysis, ensuring that every call was scored with over 95% accuracy.
Labor Cost Reduction: The move to an automated call scoring system led to more than $100,000 in monthly savings on labor costs.
Efficiency and Savings: The chain saw a reduction in monthly costs by over 75%, thanks to the automation of call scoring and marketing processes. This saved costs and ensured more consistent and reliable customer experiences.

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