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Never miss an opportunity with Convirza’s Opportunity Assistant. Picture following up the same day with calls that didn’t go as planned and ask customers to give you a second chance or to purchase additional services.

Opportunity Assistant can identify opportunities to connect and rekindle interest, ensuring that every interaction leads to a valuable business outcome — and happy customers.

Stop letting great
pass you by

A “missed opportunity” is a lead conversation that indicates buying intent but did not result in a conversion. In other words, it is a phone call that didn’t convert to sale, reservation, or appointment–but should have. Opportunity Assistant helps you zero in on where prospects are dropping off, then do something about it.


Harness the power of automation to close more sales

Fill the gaps in your sales and
marketing strategy

Opportunity Assistant uses AI-powered analytics and automation to trigger follow-up tasks and provide your team with meaningful alerts that produce better results.

Automated Lead Alerts

Customizable data display empowers your approved user(s) to protect and manage key PII such as caller ID, caller’s name, caller’s address, and more. At the same time, the solution allows you to leverage marketing data like caller city, zip code, and line type for marketing optimization.

Callback Report

Simplify your callback process to get back in touch with customers right away. Opportunity Assistant generates callback reports with accompanying lead scores, so you can shift focus to the right prospects and track the results of your callbacks.

Control user access to who can listen, email, or access calls

Our Caller Privacy features begin with strict access control to determine who can access and configure data and settings.

Capitalize on more opportunities to
better results

Capitalize on more opportunities to generate better results

Take Immediate Action

Re-engage callers with additional offers and and upsell opportunities before customers turn to your competitors.

Get Enhanced Sales Insights

Discover the reasons callers do not convert, then use this intelligence to refine your sales messaging and strategy.

Recover Lost

Capture unrealized sales without additional spend. Direct your sales teams toward already-warm leads.

Stay Connected with Consumers

Stay top-of-mind & build loyalty with promotional offers, thank you messages, and requests for customer reviews.

Phone Call Scoring - The Revolutionary New Lead Scoring Metric

Lead scoring for web leads has been around for a while. But, what about lead scoring for phone calls? What if an analytics platform could actually tell you the value of a phone call?

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