Uncover Opportunities in Every Call with Conversation Analytics®

Go beyond who is calling and where they’re calling from to discover what your callers want and how you can serve them better. Convirza’s proprietary, AI-powered Conversation Analytics software tells you exactly what’s happening during phone and SMS conversations and automates your next steps.

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Conversation Analytics is proprietary, AI-powered software that reveals what’s happening during your phone calls and SMS and automates follow-up actions. It is applied to conversation intelligence — taking analysis and putting it into action. Combining natural speech recognition technology with more than 300,000 proprietary algorithms, Conversation Analytics provides unparalleled visibility into campaign performance, lead quality, and sales agent skills.


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Conversation Analytics records, transcribes, and analyzes your calls in real-time to give you rapid insight into what’s happening during your calls. Using pre-built, sophisticated speech recognition technology and call indicator analysis, the software accurately measures conversions, lead quality, and your team’s phone skills.

  • Analyzes keywords and phrases

  • Detects conversation tone and tempo

  • Evaluates caller sentiment

  • 300,000+ Proprietary algorithms

  • 92% Indicator score accuracy average

Evaluate the effectiveness and quality of your calls with automated Call Scoring. We leverage out-of-the-box and custom call indicators to make quantifiable measurements for monitoring and analyzing calls.

  • Score leads

  • Supervise agent skills

  • Evaluate sales performance

  • Monitor call language

  • Check calls for conversions


Data is consolidated into useful reports to trigger automation based on what happened–or didn’t happen–during calls. Easily combine powerful call analytics to automate steps for follow-up. Taking immediate action enables your teams to reconnect with leads faster, increasing the chances of saving the sale.

  • Trigger marketing automation
  • Push data to a CRM or Ad platform
  • Flag calls for follow-up
  • Automate bid management for your
  • PPC ads

Bring your data to life. Instantly reveal crucial information to optimize your marketing channels and business strategy. With a suite of built-in reports and customized capabilities, tracking your KPIs is easier than ever.

  • Powerful dashboards and visualization

  • Trend analysis

  • Dynamic filtering

  • Scheduled reporting

  • User-based reports

  • API Integration into existing software and tools

Decode Your Phone Calls Instantly

Carefully calibrated, AI-powered technology helps you listen beyond what callers say to uncover how they respond to your messaging–and how likely they are to convert.

Surface Meaningful Data

Convirza’s powerful speech recognition technology reveals caller trends regarding buying intention, service satisfaction, and more. Built-in and customized call indicators help you zero in on your unique business objectives.

Evaluate Lead Quality

Score leads based on caller language, tone, and likelihood to purchase. This depth of insight has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 28%.

Eliminate Manual Listening

Reduce the time drain, cost, and complexity of manual call listening. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to surface trends and insights faster.

Automate Follow-Up Actions

Automated call actions increase the efficiency of sales teams by triggering follow-up activities. Next steps are tailored to meet customers during every stage of their buying journey.

Evaluate Agent Performance

Measure your sales and customer service agents’ phone skills to recognize stand-out service and provide performance improvement recommendations.

Access Insights Instantly

Start gathering crucial call intelligence from your next phone call or SMS. Convirza’s Conversation Analytics services are usable immediately and require no complicated setup to be accurate.

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