Sales Training: Your Ticket To Phone Rockstars

Rockstars, Rising Stars, or Garage Band – how would you rate your team’s phone skills? Are they headlining the main stage, about to break into the spotlight, or still jamming in the garage?


How your team handles phone calls is critical to your business. Listening, problem solving, empathy, selling and business expertise are key phone skills for each team member to hone.

The Convirza sales training team has certified over 17,000 Sales Agents, Recruiters, and Customer Service Agents in conversation and results-oriented phone training. Your soon to be rockstar agents will learn how to treat every customer and prospect like family, how to show empathy, how to problem solve — coupled with scorecards and data to track results and ensure skills stay on point.

Sales Training, Customer Service Training, and Phone Skills Training from Convirza are your ticket to turn any team member into a Rockstar.

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Training for your team
Sales Training & Customer Service Training

Missed sales opportunities, marketing leads that choose your competitor, bad reviews, no appointment set, and unhappy customers – all things you want to avoid.

As one of our customers said “We don’t let the sun go down on a bad review.”

We offer tailored learning options in person, via webinar, or self-paced, aligning perfectly with your business needs. Here is an example of what your team will practice in Sales Training.


Make a genuine, polite connection with the caller.

✅ Agent name
❌ Caller name

Listen & Acknowledge

Be the expert the caller is trying to reach.

❌ Determine needs
✅ Ask clarifying questions
✅ Restate customer needs


Consultative for the right product or service.

✅ Build credibility – we’ve done this for 17 years
❌ Take ownership
✅ Benefit before Price


The end goal. Close the deal and show gratitude.

✅ Ask for the business
✅ Schedule Appointment – Specific Date/Time
✅ Thank you – we appreciate your business

Our Training Programs

Sharpen Your Skills with Results-oriented Training Services

Our experienced team has been analyzing phone skills and conversational data since 2001. We’ve figured out and fine-tuned the skills that have the biggest impact on sales and customer service.

Sales Training

Learn sales tactics to meet and beat quotas. Discover how to actively listen to discover needs. Find opportunities to improve sales agent skills and fill knowledge gaps.

Sales Training

• 4 hours of group webinar, on-site, or 1-on-1 training sessions
• 1 week of sales team call scoring and evaluation
• Customized reporting to evaluate leads, close rate, missed opportunities, and sales agent skills
• Competitive comparison analysis
• Video training library access

Customer Service Training

Teach your customer service reps how to turn callers into customers. Gain de-escalation and call control skills to handle difficult customers. Find opportunities to improve CSR skills and fill knowledge gaps.

What’s included:

• 4 hours of group webinar, on-site or 1-on-1 training sessions
• 1 week of CSR team call scoring and evaluation
• Customized reporting to evaluate agent performance
• Video training library access

Conversation Analytics® Training

Make better business decisions with data analytics and AI tools. Leverage industry-specific keyword and key phrase spotting to decode calls. Generate and track key metrics that align with your business goals.

What’s included:

• 4 hours of group webinar, on-site or 1-on-1 training sessions
• 1 week of call scoring and evaluation
• Customized reporting to analyze marketing attribution, operational data, sales, and customer service performance.
• Video training library accessry access

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