HIPAA-Compliant Caller Privacy Protects Your Patients

Convirza’s HIPAA-compliant call tracking technology helps protect sensitive patient information and shields your organization from legal challenges. With features such as user-level security, redaction, caller privacy filtering, and user access and audit logging, our software has everything you need to protect your patients’ privacy.

What is Caller Privacy?

Healthcare professionals are required to meet specific HIPAA regulations when recording and storing patient information. Protecting sensitive patient information has always been challenging. But today, healthcare professionals are faced with an even more significant challenge, ensuring HIPAA compliance while running an efficient business. The penalties for compliance breaches are severe.

Convirza provides a Caller Privacy feature that enables you to restrict access to callers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), eliminate possible data loss, and audit access to system information.


Integrity. Availability. Confidentiality.

Convirza is committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ information, especially sensitive information such as names, addresses, and medical histories.

We comply with all business associate obligations under HIPAA regulations, giving our covered entity clients peace of mind and convenience surrounding patient phone communications.

Why Convirza Caller Privacy
is Different

Unlike other solutions, Convirza provides granular control of caller information and HIPAA call recording. Caller Privacy allows your healthcare organization to adapt the solution to best meet your needs.

Monitor & track
information privacy

Customizable data display empowers your approved user(s) to protect and manage key PII such as caller ID, caller’s name, caller’s address, and more. At the same time, the solution allows you to leverage marketing data like caller city, zip code, and line type for marketing optimization.

Call recording sound files cannot be deleted or edited

We protect all the data you store for a minimum of 12 months on secured servers. You have peace of mind with hospital call recording.

Control user access to who can listen, email, or access calls

Our Caller Privacy features begin with strict access control to determine who can access and configure data and settings.

Key Features & Benefits

User-Level Security

Protect patient confidentiality by defining user security to control who can listen to, email, and download calls.

Data Redundancy, Disaster Prevention, & Backup

Data redundancy and multi-site server architecture safeguards your information and ensures data is backed up and secure.

Caller ID Masking

Prevent access to patients’ or callers’ personal or associated phone numbers by easily blocking system users from seeing the caller’s phone number.

Caller Privacy Filtering

Control caller privacy at a granular level by restricting or allowing data specific to all or some calls, based on your organization’s needs.

User Access and Audit

Monitor and track user activity by detecting who logged in and what actions were performed in the Convirza system.

HIPAA Call Recording Controls

Convirza platform administrators can actively prevent call recording altogether to establish complete patient data protection.

Global Access Blocking

Restrict access to protected information at a macro and micro level, including infrastructure support personnel.

Partner in Protection

To help you comply with privacy regulations, Convirza will provide and sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), extending our commitment to data protection.

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