8 Things Conversation Intelligence Does For You (that make you more money $)

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How does conversation intelligence benefit large and small organizations?

Let’s dive into 8 things conversation intelligence does for you (that make you more money $):

Real-Time Insights:

Conversation Intelligence offers a powerful feature that provides real-time insights during customer interactions, when writing emails, presenting and more.

As calls and prospect meetings occur, conversations are transcribed and reviewed in real-time.

Customer Services Talking Calls

This allows immediate identification of missed contact information or the absence of rapport-building phrases by your agents.

Both the sales manager and representative can address these issues promptly, and not lose deals.

We all make mistakes or forget to ask for things such as email address sometimes. Technology bridges the gap for us.

Marketing Attribution & Data:

Every marketer wants better data.

It allows you to target your ideal customer, and bring in qualified leads.

Enter: AI Listening to each customer conversation, to break down what works and doesn’t.

When a conversation with a prospect, client or lead is analyzed for marketing data, this is called sentiment analysis. Qualitative data such as sentiment analysis of both the prospect and agent can be captured in real-time.

These data allow marketing and product to make data-backed decisions from real customer feedback.

Opportunity Alerts:

Losing a deal can be devastating, but with Conversation Intelligence, sales managers receive opportunity alerts when a deal is at risk.

These alerts can be triggered by specific keywords, phrases, or events that indicate potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

For instance, if a customer expresses interest in a particular product or service and the representative overlooks it, Conversation Intelligence platforms will send an alert to the agent and/or manager.

This gives agents the tools to proactively identify and seize sales opportunities during calls, and a manager knows they are closing as much pipeline as possible.

Data on Close Rates:

Understanding who is closing deals, how much, and why is crucial for sales success.

Without data on conversions, you can’t tie what actions lead to cash in the bank account.

Customer Service Representative

Conversation Intelligence provides a birds-eye view on close rates and the content of conversations.

Conversation scoring, industry averages and other metrics give managers insights into the success rates of different approaches, techniques, and messaging.

This data is then used to optimize sales and marketing messaging, ensuring that teams are equipped with the right information at the right time and have the information to support their strategies.

Industry Trends and Improvements

One notable industry trend is the growing importance of real-time insights and feedback.

Sales and customer service teams must be able to respond quickly to changing customer needs and preferences.

Real-time conversation intelligence tools facilitate timely responses and enable teams to stay agile in their interactions.

Conversation optimization tools use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) as seen below to keep you above industry standards.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning: The Tech Behind Conversation Intelligence

Behind the scenes, Conversation Intelligence relies on advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning.

This allows for a deeper understanding of conversations and personalized insights.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, Conversation Intelligence provides sales, customer service and marketing teams with action items based on what works to generate revenue.

Forecast Pipeline:

Without pipeline information, a company is running blind.

It is similar to playing tag while blindfolded. How will you know if you are going in the right direction? Should you run faster to tag someone (close a specific deal)? Is now the moment to rest and strategize (find the best angle to close more pipeline down the road)?

If you’ve every played tag at school, you know the answer to these questions.

Conversation Intelligence plays a vital role in forecasting your sales pipeline accurately.

Call Representative

Through analyzing customer sentiments, objections, and buying signals, it provides valuable insights into the likelihood of deals progressing through the sales pipeline.

This enables your revenue teams to make informed forecasts and projections.

With data to back up decisions, you allocate resources effectively. Forecasting is not throwing darts in the dark, it involves setting realistic targets for your team(s) based on past performance.

With Conversation Intelligence, you have a crystal clear picture of your pipeline.

Tie Actions to Revenue:

Are your agents doing the things that closes the right deals?

Without transparency into your revenue machine, it is tough to make the best decisions.

Conversation Intelligence allows you to tie specific actions and strategies to revenue outcomes.

Conversation Leads

This is accomplished by tracking the impact of conversation elements, such as:

  • Objection handling techniques
  • Product feature discussions
  • Which types of emails get responses
  • Who in your prospect list is a decision maker
  • When to involve others in the deal
  • Buying temperature

You can identify the actions that contribute most effectively to closing deals.

This information empowers sales managers to align their training and coaching efforts with revenue-generating activities.

Conversation Intelligence enables you to connect the dots between actions and revenue, driving the ball forward with a a more efficient and effective sales operation.

To harness the power of machine learning and elevate your close rates and customer satisfaction, you can explore Convirza’s conversation intelligence platform with a free 21-day trial (no credit card required).

Start leveraging Conversation Intelligence to gain real-time insights, capitalize on opportunities, and drive sales success!

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