Call Recording for Business & 24 Super Helpful Uses

Right now, with most employees working from home, phone calls are replacing face-to-face interactions. Since this form of communication is essential, call recording for business is also vital. If calls aren’t recorded, you have no idea what transpired. Without call recording for business, you have no way to monitor your employees or manage your leads. In essence, you are deaf.

Call recording is one of the communication features that will improve the way your employees communicate with your clients. Call recording can do a lot more for your business. If you are not using this technology, put it in place now.

Why Call Recording for Business?

Businesses are using call recordings in various creative ways like

  • addressing business needs
  • verifying orders
  • solving issues
  • improving customer service
  • training new and existing employees
  • managing employee performance

Call recordings are great for training and managing new employees. Apart from fulfilling the requirements of a contact center, call recording can also be used by any business, whether it be insurance, hospitality, travel, or real estate.

Every call recording offers some benefits that you can’t get any other way. Marketing and sales departments find phone call metrics and measurements are crucial to their job success.

Benefits of Call Recording for Business

1 – Know what happens during the call

Most companies use one channel recording, but not Convirza. We record each call on a dual channel. One channel records your employee, and the other channel records the caller. This method allows each part of the conversation to be separated.

Having the conversation divided this way gives you the ability to hone in on what your representative said and what the caller said. The two are independent and not meshed like other call tracking service.

For example, dual channel recording is necessary to analyze calls and extract what happened during the conversation accurately. This word crunching gives an accurate call score plus dozens of other handy reports.

call tracking

2 – Quality control

Telephone conversations are important communication links between you and your clients. How you handle calls is vital to your success.
Call recording for business communication lets you review calls. Managers can listen to the recorded phone calls and ensure employees are meeting quality standards. If not, managers have proof and examples to train employees to provide the best customer experience possible. Performance is verified and recorded.

Many businesses have call scripts. The best way to check call scripts adherence is with call recordings.

Also, companies that have trade secrets or may have compliance requirements use call recordings for quality control. Examples of compliance requirements on calls are HIPAA regulations, see Caller Privacy, and data security standards (see PCI compliance with Redaction Pro).

From time to time, you might have complaints about a particular employee, call recordings enable you to listen and review their calls. You can help your employees understand how they can improve their customer service skills.

3 – Call recordings improve employee performance

Most businesses see an immediate and sometimes drastic impact on the performance of their employees. Perhaps when employees realize that their calls can be pulled up and listened to at any time, they are more mindful and work harder to get everything right. Maybe they want to impress the boss, or perhaps they’re afraid of being fired.

One of our valuable findings is — When phone conversations are recorded and scored, close rates massively improve. You can read more on this topic by following the link to a recent blog, Need Help Closing Sales? Start Scoring Phone Calls.

4 – Call recordings highlight strengths and weaknesses

Call recording software, like Convirza, provides, analyzes phone calls and gives feedback within minutes. Companies know if employees were excellent on the call or if their phone skills are not on par.

Recorded calls afford the opportunity to discover patterns and weaknesses of individual employees. This information can be used to build training specifically for each worker. These conversations can also be used as the basis to develop training for new hires, as well as existing personnel. Specific examples of what went right during phone conversations and what didn’t can be used to inspire as well as correct.

5 – Manage agents and team

Perhaps your employees don’t want to be recorded. The question is, “Why not?” Feedback is one of the best ways to continual improvement.

Perhaps your employees are comfortable where they are. Maybe they are scared of call recordings.  They either don’t believe they need to work on getting better results. Or maybe they are afraid that their poor performance will be documented. So to avoid evaluations and consequences some employees may resist call recordings.

6 – Call recordings uncover departmental blind spots

By listening, you can get a clear picture of what’s going on in each department. Management blind spots are costly and dangerous. Call recordings monitor employee performance.

Phone calls valuable incoming leads

7 – Call recordings reveal consumer opinions

After evaluating phone calls, trends and call data can validate customer sentiment. Also, the perceptions of your customers or clients become evident. Convirza call tracking features tagging abilities. Tags automatically categorize calls and can be customized to fit your business and initiatives.

Convirza’s call scores, call metrics, and Conversation Analytics® services are the artificial intelligence piece telling companies how consumers judge them.

8 – Call recordings protect companies

record and save transactional phone calls and stay PCI complianceThey can also use these recordings for legal protection when customers or clients claim that they did not give the company permission to charge their credit card. Additionally, call recordings protect you if customers claim your representative misled them or lied to them. Convirza created Redaction Pro to ensure companies maintain PCI compliance.

9 – Recordings can protect callers

Often credit card information is given over the phone. Merchants and businesses that record these calls have strict protocols to protect the callers’ information.

Below is a presentation that covers legal and regulatory issues affecting call recordings, including PCI compliance, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The presenters focus on the common pitfalls facing telemarketers and call centers when it comes to collecting, recording, and storing customer data. Also, they discuss the importance of doing so, the tools available to do so compliantly, and the ramifications of failing to secure and protect consumer data.
Four main discussions:

  • The need for PCI compliance by call centers in the age of data breaches
  • The importance of collecting, recording, and storing customer data under the TCPA
  • Disclosure requirements for call centers and telemarketers under the TSR
  • Best practices for call centers and telemarketers in recording Calls

10 –  Call recordings maintain quality

To best protect the company, as well as ensure that each representative’s performance continually improves, it is a best practice to review marketing dashboards daily.  Also, it is a good idea to listen to a sampling of recorded calls. Minor errors and deviations become clear early on while they’re still easy to fix.

importance of call recording for business customer service_stat1

11 – Training and development

We’ve all heard it before: “This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.”
Call recording is an extremely valuable training tool. It is helpful for training both new employees and your existing staff. Read more about Phone Call Recording & Accountability

Many call tracking customers don’t want call tracking at all. Rather, they want Convirza to act as their call recording, call scoring, and sales training platform. They want the data to improve their sales team.

Managers can listen to recorded phone calls to make sure representatives are meeting quality standards and delivering excellent customer experiences. And, when it comes to training new employees, managers can find particular call recording examples of what to do, and what not to do from actual, real-life interactions.

importance of call recording for business customer service_stat2
Also, call recordings help managers identify which agents may need extra training and guidance. With Convirza, it is simple to use your call recordings for training and coaching your team.

12 – Email call recordings

From the Convirza Dashboard sales managers, call center managers, and business owners can easily email call recordings to individual sales reps. Hint — You can also tell if they’ve listened to them!

13 – Grant access to call recordings

Simplify the management by giving team members access to listen to their call recordings. Some managers require that every sales rep listen to a certain number of calls each day.

14 – Tag call recordings

Mark call recordings with call tagging at the exact spot during phone conversations. Include comments on your call tags.
how to tag calls on Convriza

15 – Make comments about call recordings

Sales managers, call center managers, or business owners can make comments and append them to call recordings directly within Convirza. Give suggestions for improvement in the comments area to work with a poor performing sales rep.

16 – Score calls

Gather numeric data to hold your sales reps accountable, compare them to one another, and gauge improvement (or not).

17 – Merge analysis for actionable reports

To make great decisions, people need access to their most important metrics and KPI’s. It has always been difficult to unlock your phone call data. Convirza call reports provides the knowledge to create superior business performance.

18 – Improve your product and service

The feedback you get from your customers through call recording very helpful. It helps you better understand how to improve your products and services.

Many companies share call recordings with their product management teams. This is another view to understanding how consumers are using your product, what they love about it, and what they could improve.

importance of call recording for business customer service_stat3
All this is a great way to push your business ahead, effectively satisfy customer expectations, and promote positive growth.

19 – Better customer service

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone for getting and keeping clients.

Customer service isn’t just about being polite to your customers. It’s an important part of the business that affects how your customers interact with you and how they feel about you. Word gets around and non-customers also know how you treat people.

Recently, companies are transforming customer service into a business objective and calling the approach and department – customer success.

Customer success is about more than delivering service or support. - Lincoln Murphy Click To Tweet

Phone calls are a huge part of customer success. People call because they need help, have questions, and want to talk with a real person. For some amazing statistics that prove phone calls still matter for businesses today, check out this recent article… Do Phone Calls Still Matter for Businesses?

By monitoring real-time communications between agents and customers, you will be able to discover and improve weaknesses in your customer service.

We recommend listening to recorded calls and see the responses you get from your customers. This will help you determine what they’re looking for and accordingly make the necessary changes. You’ll be able to become better at providing excellent support to your customers.
importance of call recording for business customer service_stat4

20 – Recapture forgotten details

No matter how actively we listen to the other side, there will always be slight, but essential details that are forgotten instantly once the call is over.

When handling a large number of calls and completing multiple tasks, it is expected that some points can be missed occasionally.

However, by having the calls recorded, you can return to the conversation and find out exactly what needs to be done. And there won’t be the need to contact the customer again. Contacting a customer for little details can be embarrassing and will reflect badly on your brand.

Call recordings will also save time and ensure the highest level of accuracy.
call recording for business

21 – Call recording need consent

You might worry that your prospects will object to call recordings and just hang up the phone. Did you know that in 38 states this isn’t even an issue? That’s because the law states that only one party on the line must consent to the recording – the other side doesn’t even need to be informed. So implementing call recording is easy. In these states, your employee is the one giving consent. Just make sure to get each representative to sign a document formalizing that approval.

If you call in the twelve states that do require all parties to consent, you can use the most common recorded statement, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.” But then you must ask if the other party agrees – something along the lines of “Is that okay?” tacked to the end of the recorded call notice.

22 – Call recordings need two-side agreement

The states that require two-party consent are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In the industry, these areas are called “two-party consent states.”

When conducting a call in one of them, if the other party does not give a clear verbal consent to be recorded, you must stop recording immediately. Each violation incurs a hefty penalty.

23 – Call recordings have a long shelf life

A bit more call recording policy. All recordings must be kept for two years in order to comply with the law. Whether you or your marketing agency store these calls is something you need to decide.
The upside to this requirement is the call recordings are available for a long time.

24 – Convirza call recordings are inexpensive

You may be thinking that call recording equipment is expensive – and it is. Call centers easily spend $100,000 or more each year. At this price, it’s out of reach for most businesses. When you let Convirza do the call recording, you have no expensive equipment to buy, install, or maintain. You don’t have to have a dedicated IT professional on your payroll. And you don’t carry the burden of technology development.
Instead, you control everything from your computer on your Call Reporting dashboard. We do the rest, and for as little as $29 per month.


Call recording for business adds professionalism and lets your consumers know that you want to get things done right. The multiple benefits of call recording make it the ideal solution to watch your business performance and enhance your customer service inexpensively.

Remember, these stats and how call recording can help you monetize this valuable piece of information.

Convirza has recorded calls and analyzed them for over 18 years. We can help you get the most out of your phone conversations. If you are ready to start recording your calls, we can show you how easy it can be. Schedule a customized demo today.

When was the last time you faced difficulty around customer calls? And did you feel that a recorded call would have been helpful to address the issues? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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