What is a Call Whisper?

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What is a call whisper message?

Call whisper messages communicate to the person receiving the phone call a short audio message about the call source, caller data, and other information concerning the caller.

These whisper messages can prepare the user to handle the call better. Phone agents know which marketing source triggered the phone call.

A call whisper service provides call information to agents before they answer the telephone.
Whisper messages can prepare the user to handle the call better

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing each month. Often all their investments and efforts culminate in an inbound phone call. No wonder employees and phone agents need to bring their A-game every time they answer the phone.


What if technology could give employees a heads-up message before connecting with the caller?

This would equip agents with more information to have a productive dialogue. Such a service would be quite useful for both the company and its clients.

One way to enhance the effectiveness of inbound calls is through call whisper messages. They help agents determine the best way to approach callers before they even connect with them.

Also, call whisper quantifies how well marketing campaigns are working.


How do whisper messages help?

Businesses can customize other details they would like agents to hear before answering an incoming phone call. A call whisper service is part of a successful call flow.

The value of a call whisper service is that the caller doesn’t hear the message. Only the person answering the phone at the business hears the heads up details about the caller.

Call whisper answers the vital question, “how did you hear about us?” before you even talk to the caller.

  • Call whisper allows the person receiving the call to hear a concise audio message about the call source.
  • These messages can prepare the user to handle the call better.
  • They better understand the call’s origin or any other custom details that would benefit your agents.

Call whisper messages are just one more tool to add to the marketing arsenal. They get results, qualify your clients’ customers, and strengthen the relationship between agencies and companies.

How does call whisper work?

Right before a sales representative at your client’s business connects with a caller, Convirza sends an automated message to the representative.

For example, if the caller found your client’s phone number in a Google Ad, your agent might hear a message like this: “Call from Google Ads.”

The rep knows several things:

  1. The customer did a Google search looking for a specific service that your client might offer.
  2. Something compelled them to contact you based on the information presented in the ad. Such as 2 for 1 sale or another special promotion. Or it might even be the clever way your agency worded the ad.
  3. It shows that your marketing efforts work.

For agencies, it’s one more way to keep your clients happy. They’ll be able to tailor calls to specific interests and get right down to business.

And since we already know that calls produce higher percentages of leads and sales, doesn’t it make sense to add the one feature that will help your clients’ sales forces do their jobs better?

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Who needs call whisper service?

Whisper messages can streamline the entire process of client-customer relations.

The information that it provides to sales staffs makes it an ideal add-on for any agency seeking to establish stronger connections to their clients.

Imagine being able to assist your clients with aspects of the selling process that previously were not available to them.

These include the following:

Whisper messages screen inbound calls

Whisper messages enable sales representative to know through what channels the caller has come to the client.

Let’s say the caller has a general question about a product or service that might be better answered by a member of your client’s technical support staff.

With whisper message, the phone agent can redirect that call before ever even connecting with the customer.


How can I help you?

Tailored messages sent directly to the caller save time and money. This allows people most qualified to concentrate on sales to do their jobs more effectively. Your clients’ representatives don’t have to go into every call with no information about where they came from and what they need.

Speaking from a sales standpoint, having that information beforehand means getting right down to business.

If the customer contacted your client based on a promotional ad online, that could be the first thing the salesperson mentions.

Sales staffs can be trained to address certain aspects of the selling process more effectively and efficiently. It can be off-putting if a salesperson knows much more information than you intended. While whisper messages give us this information, training to use that information intelligently is crucial.

That means sidestepping the boilerplate call intro: How can I help you?


The benefits of call whisper service

Now let’s go back to making your clients happy. That is what you’re after, right? We thought so.

Agencies can adjust the settings for their clients so that they know the message is coming directly from them! Imagine when a sales representative picks up to phone to learn that a call has come in from your agency.

It shows the client that you are hard at work doing what they are paying you to do. Multiple times each day you are advertising your services and solidifying your place in your client’s’ marketing strategy.

Advertising your services and solidifying your place

For small businesses and enterprises, determining where a call is coming from and what a customer is interested in is valuable.

So, if you’re an agency looking to see more smiling faces from your clients, or even a small enterprise looking to gain a leg above the local competition, a call whisper service is a great add-on. We would love to show you how whisper messages can help you.

Setting up call whisper on Convirza

Whisper messages quickly inform agents at the beginning of each call which marketing campaign the caller is being referred from.

To add a whisper message, follow the steps detailed in the following video.
How to add a whisper message.

For detailed instructions on how to customize your own call whisper, please visit our Knowledge Base.

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