The Convirza Free Call Audit: How It Works

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The Convirza Free Call Audit: How It Works

Convirza offers a free service to help businesses improve customer service through mystery shopping phone calls. Here’s what you can expect:

What is a Call Audit?

A call audit uses a secret shopper, a mystery shopper, to pose as a customer and call your business. This undercover call allows Convirza to assess how your customer service representatives interact with potential customers.

The Convirza Call Audit Process:

Request Your Free Audit: Fill out the form to request your free call audit.

Script Selection: You have two options for the mystery shopper’s script:

  1. Use Your Script: Provide Convirza with a specific script you want the mystery shopper to follow during the call. This script can outline the scenario and questions you want the representative to address.
  2. Use Convirza’s Script: Convirza has developed industry-specific scripts based on their analysis of millions of calls. They can choose a script tailored to your business type.

The Mystery Call: A Convirza agent will call your business, posing as a potential customer. They will follow the chosen script and interact with your customer service representative.

Call Scoring and Report: After the call, Convirza will analyze it based on industry benchmarks and their experience with over a million calls.

They will score the call on key metrics like:

  • Appointment Setting: Did the representative successfully schedule an appointment?
  • Sales Conversion: Did the conversation lead to a sale or quote request?
  • Customer Service: Did the representative greet the caller appropriately, ask for their information, and address their concerns?
  • Company Guidelines: Did the representative follow your company’s established protocols for customer interaction?

Receive Your Results: Convirza will provide you with a detailed report outlining the call score, the identified strengths and weaknesses, and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Benefits of a Convirza Call Audit:
  • Identify hidden opportunities: Mystery shopping can uncover missed opportunities to convert leads into appointments or sales.
  • Evaluate customer service effectiveness: Gain valuable insights into how your representatives handle customer interactions.
  • Improve call center performance: The Convirza report provides specific suggestions for enhancing your team’s skills and boosting sales.
  • Benchmark against industry standards: See how your call center compares to others in your field.
  • Small changes, significant impact: Minor tweaks to conversation flow can often lead to significant conversion rate improvements.
Is a Call Audit Right for You?

If you’re looking to improve your customer service, boost sales, and gain a competitive edge, a Convirza call audit is a valuable tool. This free service allows you to assess your current performance and identify areas for improvement and opportunities to increase your ROI.

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