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How’s your team on the phone: Rockstars or Garage Band?

You check your equipment and you should inspect your phone call skills. Some equipment rental shops will go through multi-point inspections. Some check for damage, wear and tear, and see if any codes have been thrown. One thing is for sure: you make sure you take care of your equipment because, without your equipment, you have no business. You wouldn’t take back rentals and think everything is going based on faith alone in your customer.

Sadly, that is the process many shops use with calls at your shop.

Your front desk staff are taking calls and returning calls (supposedly), and you hope with crossed fingers that they are helping to build your business and maintain your brand.

Convirza ensures that, like your equipment, if something goes wrong, it throws a code and lets you know about it.

Transforming Customer Interactions with Phone Skills and AI Insights
Some example of phone call skills you’ll want to improve with your team are:

“Was a half-week of complimentary service offered by our employee? (Code thrown)

“Did a brand new customer ask about an 18k potential rental, and we didn’t invite him to the store or even get his name?” (Code thrown.)

“Have we received our 35th inquiry for equipment that isn’t in our inventory?” (Code thrown.)

“Are my employees taking long personal calls on the company line?” (Code thrown.)

“Who is worth calling back in the middle or end of the day?” (Report made your manager or employees know who to call.)

Securing Business Success with Phone Skills and AI Driven Accountability

The best thing about these codes if you are using Convirza? AI scores them; your manager can’t brush over it. There are some things about AI you should know.

  • AI doesn’t sleep
  • AI does not favor one employee vs the other
  • AI does not take bathroom breaks
  • AI will even score you the owner the same way it would score your most recent hire

Oh, did we mention that it keeps getting smarter and learning your business daily?

Convirza will help your team become Rockstars on the phone!

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