7 Ways to Drive More Phone Calls to Your Business

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If you know anything about Convirza, it probably comes as no surprise that we are passionate about the power of phone calls.

For good reason, too. Did you know that phone calls are 10-15x more likely to convert than other lead sources? With such impressive conversion rates, it’s critical that businesses employ strategies to keep the phones ringing. If you’re looking for ways to increase the volume of phone calls that your business sees, keep reading for seven strategies to drive more phone calls that we swear by.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that landing pages are only meant to encourage visitors to fill out a form. Marketers may raise their eyebrows at the idea of adding a phone number to a landing page. However, if your business operates in an industry where consumers are looking for more information fast (examples: home services, auto repair, and medical practices), providing an easy-to-locate phone number is imperative.

Review your landing pages and, if you don’t currently have a phone number on them, look for opportunities to add one. If you already have your phone number listed on your landing page, but feel that you aren’t getting as many phone calls as you could, consider A/B testing the placement of the call and see which version works better.

2. Use Vanity Numbers

It’s no surprise that it’s much easier for consumers to remember 1-800-REALTOR than it is for them to remember a random string of numbers. Vanity numbers are a great way to improve the recall of your phone number, especially if you’re making use of traditional advertising methods like billboards or bus advertising. People driving past your billboard at 60 mph don’t have the opportunity to memorize a traditional phone number, which is why a vanity number can be extremely important to make the most of those ads.

3. Use Call-Centric Language

It seems obvious, but many marketers neglect to use call-centric language even when their goal is to get phone calls. Phrases like “Contact Us” or “Speak with a representative” aren’t necessarily wrong, but if phone calls are the objective, consider replacing them with call-centric calls-to-action. Simply using phrases like “Give us a call today!” or “Call Now” can massively increase your conversion rates and the volume of calls you receive.

4. In Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns, Use Call Extensions

Search advertising lets marketers make use of a handful of ad extensions, all of which allow you to add additional information about your business to your ads. One type of extension is the call extension, which lets marketers put their business phone number on the ad. Not only does using call extensions mean that your ad takes up more space on the search results page (therefore pushing your competitors further down), but they also provide potential customers an immediate way to connect with your business.

call extension on google
5. Call Campaigns

Google Ads has a campaign type that specifically caters to businesses that are looking to drive more phone calls. These call campaigns encourage potential customers to call your business simply by clicking your ad, and they only show ads on mobile devices. In this ad format, your phone number is the headline, and you have a few additional lines of text to share information about your business.

6. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

For any business, but especially local businesses, your Google My Business listing is a critical element of your online presence. When users conduct a search that has local intent (e.g., “plumbers in new york city”), the results page will almost always contain a local pack, which features up to three businesses above the “View All” cut. As you can imagine, having YOUR business be one of the three that are listed is a great way of getting your name out there when someone is conducting a search for the product/services you offer.

So how can you get there? The first step is to optimize your Google My Business listing. If you haven’t claimed your business’s listing, that’s the first step. From there, make sure to add all relevant information that you can, including your business category, where you serve customers, hours of operation, and – of course – your phone number.

7. A/B Test Your Ads

The beauty of digital marketing is that everything can be tested. If your goal is to drive more phone calls to your business, then A/B testing is a great way to determine which ad creative, calls-to-action, etc. are most effective for achieving that goal. You can A/B test just about every part of your ad campaign – from the ads themselves, to the landing page users are brought to, to the email that gets sent when a user takes action.

Don’t just assume your current campaign is the best it could be; set up A/B testing to see if there are alternative ways to improve your conversion rate and generate more calls.

Wrapping Up

Businesses rely on phone calls to power their growth. If you’re looking to generate more phone calls to your business, then following the tips above will lay the foundation for success. Additionally, if you need more insights from your phone calls – where they come from, what happens during the calls, and where there’s opportunity to extract more value from each conversation – then you’ll benefit from Convirza’s call tracking solution. 

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