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Best Practices for Scoring Calls

You want your scored calls to be as accurate and precise as possible. You want every agent to be scored consistently.

Call scoring criteria help ensure your agents are evaluated fairly. Scoring every call provides an objective assessment on achievements. It wil also allow you to compare agents against one another. Game-i-fying sales and call scoring customer service agents has been shown to significantly increase employee satisfaction.

Here are best practices on scoring your representatives to help them boost their performance:

#1 Implement customer feedback

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” – Henry Ford

There is nothing more valuable than feedback from customers! Call scoring provides means to implement those changes into your business.

It will also give you valuable insights into your customers experience.

#2 Help under-performers

Call scoring allows you to identify employees who may be struggling. This also provides managers a roadmap for exactly what needs to be done to get them back on track.

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Accountability, combined agent training with measured performance, helps under-performers improve.

#3 Use real-time statistics

Statistics in real-time help your agents track their growth. It is motivating to see how other team members are doing. Seeing how you are performing and areas you can improve leads to increased output over time.

#4 Continuously train all your representatives

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them yourself. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Convirza call scoring benefits

It is unrealistic to expect your teams to improve without telling them what they can improve on! Consistent training helps your teams recognize and develop the skills necessary for success.

Scoring calls gives the data to back up these decisions. It helps give real examples of things that were done well or poorly. It gives actions to learn from and measurable outcomes.

#5 Necessary feedback for every agent

Agents need to know when they are doing something good. This helps reinforce actions that help your company and clients have a good experience.

At the same time, poor actions such as slow reply times, rude tone of voice, and unfriendliness can be a huge turn-off. Timely feedback helps low, medium, and high performers get the constructive feedback they need to improve.

#6 Tools for high-performers to continue succeeding

As the famous saying goes, 80% of your revenue comes from just 20% of your sales force. The same goes with output from customer service and other phone-based teams. Call scoring gives unique and specific information so they can keep producing value for customers.


Tips on how to make the best use of call scoring
#1 Provide the most value to your callers

In addition to improving your customer experience, monitoring calls will help you have insight into your callers’ needs.

By using real-time call monitoring, you can see how customers are responding to different agents and different communication techniques.

You can monitor and score calls in real-time. Based on their reaction, you can tell which communication technique works best for your caller.

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Simple things, such as matching the caller’s tone or keyphrases they may have missed. This can be picked up by AI analysis, and the related information in the employee’s scorecard can give them material relevant to their needs.

Call monitoring software allows you to listen to calls without interrupting your agents or callers. This is especially valuable for call and contact centers with large numbers of agents.

You can, in real time, listen to the call recordings your representatives and give them feedback on how to improve. You can record these calls as examples to share with others. If you have a suggestion to make to your agent, there is also an option that allows you to whisper information to him without notifying the caller.

Additionally, you can also join calls where you can interact with both the agent and the caller, should they require your assistance.

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Call scoring can be used for brainstorming, too. With your agents, you can review calls step-by-step and see what can be done to improve these conversations and, by extension, customer experience.

Another benefit is that by listening to agents’ morning, afternoon, and evening calls, you can also see how fatigue affects the quality of their interactions. You can work together to find the best solutions.

#2 Encourage healthy competition between your agents

Call scoring encourages healthy competition between your representatives. Benchmarking agent performance is key to knowing when it is increasing or decreasing. When you reward agents that perform the best, companies tend to see an all-around improvement in their teams.

This will help boost your agents’ confidence and keep them motivated to improve their performance. Those who are not high-performing, can see scores and examples from employees so they can repeat their successful actions.

This can help boost their creativity as they think of additional ways to provide better customer service.

This way, call monitoring and scoring will become a competition where everybody wins. It’s a great way to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your services.

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