Do Phone Calls Still Matter for Businesses?

Do phone calls still matter?

Do you think phone calls are out of date? Do you wonder if phone calls still matter in our digital world? If you think phone calls are a thing of the past, you are totally wrong. Surprisingly, our constant connection to technology and data has dramatically increased the importance of phone calls.

Amazing statistics that prove phone calls still matter

  • 57% of people call a business because they want to talk to a real person (Source-

  • 65% of businesses report that their most concrete leads are from phone calls (Source-

  • BIA/Kelsey reports that businesses will get 162 billion mobile phone calls by the year 2019

  • BIA/Kelsey also forecasts that smartphones will trigger 73 billion inbound calls annually during 2018, a staggering annual compound growth rate of 42%.

It’s a no-brainer that phone calls are a crucial KPIs for the success of any business, small or large. As a business owner or a marketing professional, you already know the importance of phone calls. The above stats just emphasize the reality that even in this digitally connected era of the Internet, businesses still rely on the classic phone call.

Phone calls still matter because they connect humans

Websites are helpful for researching and gathering information. However, when people need help and have questions, they still prefer to interact with a human. So people call.

Brian Massey said on,

“Even if you have highly sophisticated marketing automation campaigns that move people through the sales funnel, none of them is as efficient and successful as a human being listening, answering questions and handling objections. A phone call is worth between 500 percent and 1,000 percent (five to 10 times) more in revenue than a completed form will generate.”

phone calls still matter

Since phone calls still matter, call tracking matters

As the number of phone calls to businesses keeps climbing, the importance of capturing call data grows. Dozens of companies offer call tracking solutions. The best call tracking companies provide advanced call metrics and pave the path for more call-based leads. Call tracking software measures call data and offers surprising insights into your customers’ behavior. You know which marketing sources and message resonate best with your customers and which approaches don’t work so well.

Call tracking is not just for tracing what marketing drives a specific phone call.  Call recordings help you train your sales reps, track consumer opinions, and protect companies.  See 12 Ways Call Recordings Help Companies.

With more and more people calling companies, call tracking is essential. Call tracking and call analytics help you know where to invest your marketing budget and how to convert more leads. If you need help choosing the right call analytics, click here.

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