What is a Vanity Number? (2023)

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What is a vanity number?

A Vanity number is a number that spells out a word or phrase. This is typically related to your business or the service you provide. Vanity Numbers are a type of Toll-Free Number that allows businesses to have a memorable and catchy phone number that is easy for customers to remember. They are an effective way to enhance brand recognition and drive customer engagement.

1-800-REALTOR, 1-888-88-SMILE, 1-800-NEW-TIRE, or 1-800-CAT-MEOW.

Think of a vanity phone number as an extension of your brand, through an easy-to-recall phone number. Vanity numbers are used in place of traditional phone numbers. These combinations transpose into words, making them more memorable than a phone number.

As you can see, they are personal and customizable; you get to pick what your vanity number says. Usually, vanity phone numbers start with a toll-free prefix, such as 1-800. They can also include “repeaters,” such as 1-877-777-HVAC.

To connect with a particular geographic market, vanity numbers using localized area codes are also available. This may include 1-212-88-PIZZA for New York or 1-512-800-LOAN for Austin.

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What are the benefits of vanity numbers?

A vanity number is a simple way to help customers remember who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch with you. Because they improve the recall of your brand, the payout from these numbers is huge.


Customers remember who you are

Every day, consumers are bombarded with so many ads and branded messages that they ultimately remember very little. Jay Walker-Smith, President of the marketing firm Yankelovich (Bloomberg) Inc, estimates that “we see about 5,000 advertisements a day.”

With so many companies competing for attention, it’s critical to find ways to seamlessly deliver your message without getting lost in the crowd: precisely why vanity numbers are crucial to staying on top of mind. (Marketing Charts)

Data shows that when customers can easily remember your phone number, you receive more calls! Vanity numbers increase consumer recall rates of your phone number by 72%, and they can increase your inbound calls by as much as 31%.


Vanity Numbers are flexible according to your needs

Another great thing about vanity numbers is that they are flexible. You can configure your number to route to any location or even an individual’s mobile phone for businesses on the go.

Routing any call to the sales department for “round-robin”, customer service or another department is incredibly easy. A call-tracking solution can make this process easy, so you never miss a call from a potential customer.


Helps with expansion to new markets

A vanity number is an effective way to build credibility and advertise your company to a national audience.

You can get personalized vanity numbers for that area. You can use vanity numbers with local area codes to connect with a particular market. This could be 1-310-HOLLY-WD for Los Angeles or 1-206-8-COFFEE for Seattle.

These memorable numbers can go on any ads, billboards, mailers, emails and anywhere else people may remember your company’s number.

In the end, more calls lead to more sales.

Customers that call you are much more likely to buy your product or service versus those that connect through an online form fill. Allowing your sales or customer support team to form a personal connection with a caller will up your chances of closing a sale.


Increased Brand Awareness:

Vanity Numbers can help increase brand awareness by providing customers with a memorable and easily recognizable phone number. This can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty.


Improved Customer Service:

Vanity Numbers can provide a dedicated customer service line that is easy for customers to remember. This can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of missed calls.


Increased Call Volume:

By featuring a Vanity Number in advertisements, businesses can increase call volume and reach a larger audience. This can lead to increased sales and customer engagement.


Top things to ask yourself when considering vanity numbers
#1 What advertising campaigns should I include my vanity number in?

Traditional advertising methods like billboards, print ads, and radio advertisements make great places to use a vanity number.

When you only have a few seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, it’s important to leave a memorable impression.

In thouris digital age, any type of advertisement, online or print is enhanced with vanity numbers.

#2 What are the best keywords to use in my vanity number?

This is an important factor, as the keywords will tell people who you are and what you do. Simplicity is important. Don’t over-complicate the number! Avoid unusual spellings that may confuse.

#3 Are my top competitors also using vanity numbers?

Do your research on your competitors!

Make sure whatever phone number you choose isn’t mistakenly helping your competitors. For example, as a dentist, you may want to choose the vanity number 1-585-55-SMILE. If you have a competing dentist in your city named Smile Dentistry, you may accidentally send them your leads!

Vanity numbers can help any company increase its inbound lead activity and call rate. But these numbers work especially well for companies that do a lot of business over the phone.

If you rely on phone traffic to make sales, why not get that traffic headed to you?

Use cases:

Vanity Numbers can be used as a marketing tool to create a unique and memorable phone number that customers can easily recall. This makes it easier for customers to contact your business and can lead to increased brand awareness.

Customer Service:

A Vanity Number can create a dedicated customer service line that is easy for customers to remember. This can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of missed calls.


Vanity Numbers can be featured in advertisements, such as television commercials or print ads, to make it easier for customers to reach your business. This can lead to increased call volume and customer engagement.

Vanity Numbers powerful features
How do I get a vanity phone number?
Buy a Vanity Number

If you are interested in getting a vanity number, most call providers have access to them.

You can check which vanity numbers are available with our free vanity number checker:

Check for a Vanity phone number
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What are 1-800 Numbers?

1-800 numbers are toll-free telephone numbers in North America that start with the three-digit code “800”. They allow callers to reach a business or service without incurring long-distance charges. The cost of the call is paid by the business or service provider, rather than the caller.

These numbers are widely used by businesses and organizations as a customer service and support line, allowing customers to easily reach them without having to pay for the call. They are also used for telemarketing, sales, and information lines.

1-800 numbers are considered useful because they provide a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to reach a business or service and for businesses to reach a large number of customers. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and better brand recognition. Additionally, 1-800 numbers can be easily remembered, making them a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Vanity Numbers Improve Call Volume


Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers that allow the person being called to reach the caller without incurring any charge for the call. The cost of the call is typically borne by the person or organization being called rather than the caller. Toll-free numbers are often indicated by prefixes such as 800, 888, 877, or 866 in North America or 0800 in many countries worldwide.

Toll-free numbers are widely used by businesses and organizations for customer service, support, sales, and information lines. They allow customers to easily reach a company without incurring any charges, making it more convenient for them to seek assistance or purchase. Toll-free numbers can also be a valuable marketing tool for businesses, helping to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

In addition to their use by businesses, toll-free numbers are also utilized by government agencies and non-profit organizations for various purposes, such as providing information and assistance to the public.

Vanity Numbers are a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve brand recognition and customer engagement. Vanity Numbers, 1 80 numbers and toll-free numbers help your customers remember a business. Use a Vanity Number, take your business to the next level, and reach a larger audience!

Check out our Vanity Numbers Infographic, or contact us to get started with your own vanity number(s)!


Question & Answer
What are the drawbacks of a vanity number?

Vanity numbers are more expensive than traditional numbers. Certain vanity numbers can be hard to obtain. A number such as 1-800-FLOWERS may be unobtainable until the owner decides to sell. Vanity numbers may be limited by location or geographic data, reducing the effectiveness of the number.


Is a vanity phone number toll-free?

A vanity phone number can be either a toll-free number or a local number. Toll-free numbers (Often 1-800 numbers) allow customers to call the business without being charged for the call. Vanity toll-free numbers spell out a word or phrase, such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-MY-BRAND. If a vanity number is toll-free, the business will be charged for the call. If it is a local number, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the call.


Are vanity phone numbers worth it?

Vanity numbers tend to give a much higher return than the cost to get a vanity number. The brand recognition and customer remembrance vanity numbers provide ongoing value for any business.


How do I get a vanity number?

You can get a vanity number by checking with your call providers. Through your call provider, you can purchase or lease a vanity number for use. You can check which vanity numbers are available using a free vanity number tool such as Free Vanity Number Checker.


Can I buy a Vanity Number?

Yes! You can buy a vanity number from most call providers. You can purchase or lease a vanity number based on your needs.

These vanity numbers may include:

  • Vanity 1800 Number
  • 800 vanity number
  • Local numbers (Specific to your area code)
  • and more!
How much does a Vanity Number Cost?

How much does a vanity number cost? Cost can range from as little as a few dollars, into the Hundreds and beyond for the most desireable numbers. On average, expect to pay between $50-$100 for your own number.

Exact cost will depend on how competitive your number is, your geographic location, industry, what type of number you are purchasing.

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