Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) – Who, What, Why?

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Who’s Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Marketers looking to track their digital marketing efforts and measure the impact of those digital marketing efforts on driving phone calls are using it. Most of these marketers are using call tracking, but basic call tracking is not enough. By using Dynamic Number Insertion (also known as DNI) technology marketers can display unique tracking numbers on their site that are assigned to each visitor session. This helps in tracking keywords, unique online searches from SEO or PPC, referral visits, direct webpage visits and other sources by allowing each web session to be tracked using a unique number. By tracking call tracking metrics marketers can gain real-time views on their marketing efforts and easily see which advertisements and marketing channels are generating leads.

Say you are starting to ramp up your business and you invest heavily in online paid search ads (PPC). Using paid search ads you are able to follow clicks to your website and track that a customer sent a “contact me” email using a form fill on your site. You are able to see that conversion from start to finish. But, say that customer clicked on your ad and then decided to call your business while browsing your website instead. You will lose visibility of that phone call conversion, and all your marketing efforts are now a mystery because you have no idea if that customer used your website. Using Dynamic Number Insertion, DNI, you are able to assign a unique phone number to that customer’s session while on your page. Then when they call directly you can track that conversion because of the unique dynamic tracking number.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

Using Dynamic Number Insertion Tracking is easy. It works by creating a pool of telephone numbers that tie into Javascript code that is added to your landing pages or website…Sounds complicated, right? Don’t worry; this isn’t complicated as the script is provided along with the dynamic number pool by the call tracking solution provider. This all ties together by simply adding a snippet of Javascript to every page on your site (basically copy & paste) through your site template (or tag manager). Using Dynamic Number Insertion is all worth the effort because using this call tracking technology you are now able to suddenly see in real-time exactly which paid ads, campaigns and keywords are generating phone calls or conversions. This tool can help any business that wants to improve their return on investment.

Who Should be Using Dynamic Number Insertion in the Business World?

Almost every industry that conducts business via phone calls can benefit from using this kind of call tracking solution. For example, Convirza is partnered with an automotive company that is using DNI and is dominating their industry because they are able to easily see where they should be spending their marketing dollars and quickly adjust as needed. As today’s search marketers are seeking to generate more qualified inbound calls, they are realizing the need to customize the customer’s experience to drive a higher volume of more targeted consumer responses. So by using DNI advertisers gain real actionable insights – empowering them to focus on the most relevant keywords and the most relevant ad messaging to drive improved results. In summary, using Dynamic Number Insertion helps marketers meet the demand for more qualified targeted potential customers. This is achieved through delivering deeper insights into the customer’s journey and the behavior that drives searches, clicks and ultimately sales. Isn’t this what we’re all after?

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