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Times have changed!

Over the past few years, the ways in which content has been shared have totally changed.

There was a time when telecall was one of the trending ways, then came SMS, and then the Email marketing, which is still one of the best marketing channels for modern day businesses.

And now, push notification marketing is a trending marketing technique. It has been in the market for quite a few years and it has achieved a positive influence in the market.

You may already know the basics of how to use push notifications and benefits of push notifications, but creating push notifications that users actually want to receive is a true art form.

Push Notification Analysis
Types of Push Notifications
#1 Personalized Notifications

People would not want to receive any irrelevant notifications that do not involve them unless it is a state of approaching destruction that requires to be notified about. Why would someone wish to receive generic push notifications that serve them no sense?

People need personalized push notifications because they are more relevant. Also, your users will be more likely to engage with notifications that are customized to fit their requirements.

Its in the bag push notification
This is where the concept of user data plays a role and the extraction of insights from this information is important. The app must understand the user, their habits, which apps they prefer and which ones they visit often and other such information. Using this information, an app can send the user tailored notifications of their liking. For example, Netflix sends a unique notification to every user about a particular series they have been watching.
Netflix Push Notification
#2 Encouraging or Motivating Notifications

Now that you are interacting with your users on a very personal level, you have to be cautious about the tone or words you use.

How will you react if you receive a push notification message that makes you feel guilty or ashamed? Health and fitness apps have reported having the lowest opt-in rate for push notifications only because they make their users feel shameful with their messages.

However, there are many apps that send notifications that actually make users feel motivated and not guilty. Give your users the required break and instead of sending them notifications that make them feel shameful for their absence, send them encouraging and positive messages.
For example, FitBit motivates its users by sending a push notification of how many steps they have left that day. This encourages users to achieve their fitness goals.

Fitbit Push Notification
#3 Time-Sensitive Information Notifications

Push notifications need to be timely to be effective. Instead of sending notifications at random times, send when the user would wish to receive them.

The message that contains in these notifications is time-sensitive. It is a warning of any action that requires to be performed by the user within a specified time to avoid experiencing any losses. Therefore, from the perspective of the app, it is crucial that the information is relevant and meaningful to the user.

For example, if a person is driving on a particular route, it is a great idea to notify him or her of any road blockages or poor street conditions coming up in the area. This is time-sensitive because once the user has crossed that area, this message will be of no use to him/her.

Look at this road maps and navigation app, it notifies you about the road maintenance.

Road Maintenance Push Notification


#4 Notifications That Keep Users Posted

In an era where we literally admire the idea of prompt service, keeping your users posted about the little things is not a bad move at all! Keep your users posted about:

  • Order confirmation
  • Package delivery schedule
  • Order tracking details or live tracking
  • Ongoing and upcoming sales
  • Copoun codes or discounts

Ordering food online is a recent trend. And, the moment an order is placed, the user is excited only to know when the food will arrive. Therefore, keep your user posted with push notifications of the live order that have been placed.

In the example below, Foodpanda allows its users to track their order.

Live Tracking Push Notification
#5 Reminder Notifications

Life is too occupied and people desperately need a reminder. In such busy schedules, people may just forget about their flight check-ins, hotel check-ins, doctor appointments, and so on.

However, relevant push notifications from travel apps or scheduling apps can remind you 24 hours before a flight or 1-2 hours before your appointment.

Also, talking from a business point of view, consumers like that special treatment. They simply want to be spoiled and treated like royalty. You can do that by sending them reminder messages.

For example, Google sends a reminder notification to its user about a dentist appointment.

Google Push Notification
#6 Location Specific Notifications

Users want to be notified about exclusive offers based on their location.

According to Localytics, 49% of people said they’d use an app more if it sent them push notifications triggered by their selected hometown. Forty-two percent said the same for push notifications triggered by their present location. (Source)

Even though the notification is automated, it proves to the users that you care about them. Of course, depending on the content of the message, you will encourage them to make the most of their location at that time. Also, people remember and admire such things and associate excellent memories with your brand.

Moreover, these notifications must offer appealing incentives for users to check something out that wasn’t part of their actual plans. By this, you can see greater engagement and click rates.

In the below example, Sephora sends a push notification to its users when they come within a certain radius of a nearby store. Also, this notification offers its users free service.

Sephora Push Notification
#7 Limited Offer Notifications

If you are running a limited offer promotion of your products, try using a push notification announcing it. It can be beneficial for you as the notifications drive sales and prove helpful for the users because the information is actually useful to them.

Moreover, users who install your app are your great fans, therefore, you do not have to bother as much about annoying them with discount promos.

They may also want to be notified as soon as you hold an offer for they can be the first to grab their desired products before stock runs out.

For example, Myshop app sends push notifications of heavy discounts with limited offer time.

MyShop App Push Notification

Such messages push immediate action from the users, creating a sense of excitement and increasing the chances of in-app purchase.

Ready to Send Notifications?

When it comes to generating push notifications, there’s an implicit golden rule: Notify others as you would wish to be notified.

Uber Push Notification

Here is a checklist to make sure your push notifications are effective:

  • They aren’t irrelevant or annoying to your users
  • They keep your users notified of the information they need to know
  • They are thoughtful
  • They are convenient for users
  • They inspire users

You don’t want to push your ideas on to customers, you simply want to make what they want. – Laura Ashley

Closing Thoughts

With a well-designed app, you can get the benefits offered by push notifications. But, the important part of push notifications is understanding what types of messages your users actually appreciate. Therefore, your end goal should be to generate push notifications that don’t feel like a nuisance. Keep them helpful and relevant to the user.

These seven types of push notifications will definitely help you boost your brand’s visibility and reliability.

Are you using push notifications in your mobile app or website? Which types of notifications are more beneficial for your brand?

Do let us know more about it in the comments below.

Happy Marketing!

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