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Digital marketing has become a prerequisite for businesses. Whether you are a B2C or a B2B company, digital marketing is the key to reaching your target audiences.

This new communication platform has many benefits. Digital marketing is often relatively low-priced compared to traditional marketing and advertising methods. It quickly reaches a more significant number of people all over the globe. Another crucial advantage of digital marketing methods is that the efforts can be easily tracked.

Marketing analytics and KPI dashboard software are becoming mainstream. So, let’s talk about what a Marketing Dashboard is and how it is helpful to marketers.

What is a Marketing Dashboard?

Typically, a marketing dashboard is a platform that gathers all your KPIs and other critical metrics in a skillfully designed display. Most marketing dashboards have real-time updates, giving you access to the latest information.

Marketing dashboards provide a summary of your marketing activities and their associated performance. Marketing dashboards offer businesses the unique high-level perspective they need to make the decisions to create the most value.

Convirza’s Marketing Dashboards are designed to give marketers data and insights instantly so they can quickly and easily make decisions about their call marketing efforts. We offer businesses the quickest and easiest way to showcase critical metrics.

You can take the Convirza Marketing Dashboard and deliver it to a customer. It’s up to you and the client to decide what works best. Choose however you would like to receive the reports. A popular option is an email with a pdf. Others like the raw data, so they can dump it in the CSV format and have it delivered to the customer.

Marketing Dashboard
Build Your Marketing Dashboard

There are a lot of different strategies that organizations can use for building up their marketing dashboards. Most companies have a handful of work dashboards that highlight various things. Often, these things are the most effective or are their most important key performance indicators or KPIs for their business.

Hundreds of options are available on the market today for building a marketing dashboard. But here are a few questions marketers need to consider before choosing a company to develop their marketing dashboard:

  • Does your marketing dashboard provide custom-built reports so you do not waste valuable time on unimportant information?
  • Is your marketing dashboard’s reporting multi-dimensional or user-based?
  • Does it provide dynamic filtering, Geographical heat maps, and Zipcode Maps for Calls?
  • Is flexible data export available?
  • Does the company do drill-downs for deeper and actionable insights?
  • Does it allow you to schedule routine reports at your convenience, when and where you want them?

If you research the market, the only call tracking and recording company that satisfies all the above needs is Convirza. All the companies providing marketing dashboards have similar input: the 40,000 hours of data science and machine learning allow Convirza to give clients the best analysis and most valuable reports.

What Can You Focus on with Convirza?

Being a call-tracking company has created a unique approach. Convirza helps you to focus on nine things that can drive call traffic to your business.

#1 Channels or lead sources

This is a pretty simple one! You, as a business, are present all over the web. You have a website, social media platforms, ads, posters, banners, videos, infographics, and more. But which is the channel that drives most calls? Which digital and traditional marketing should you focus on more? Which are the channels where you can invest less?

#2 Keywords

Keywords drive call traffic and other activities like clicks, likes, comments, etc. And all these make up the complete customer journey. Convirza can track your customers’ entire journey. You can adapt our marketing dashboard in a way that you want to address your business.

Recognizing that channels, mediums, sources, or keywords are different attribution areas is essential. It would be best to continue building upon what makes each area a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Besides call traffic, you can focus on the following vital features in-depth.

#3 PPC spend

Many of our customers in the digital marketing space focus heavily on their PPC spend. They want to ensure that they are getting the proper level of attribution. Convirza’s call tracking, call reporting, and marketing dashboard keep you up-to-date and utterly aware of attribution.

#4 ROI

Marketers want to know what their ROI is for every dollar they spend. Our Marketing Dashboard allows organizations to focus on these PPC-related terms. They quickly identify which PPC words and terms are driving the calls. You can even see which calls turn into sales. So, you also remember the calls that convert on the marketing dashboards. This is the next level where organizations need to focus so they can look at what the calls are doing.

It’s fascinating to me that you can have a business that drives hundreds of calls on a specific keyword, but those calls never actually turn into appointments or visits. And so companies are essentially just throwing away money trying to drive traffic to a keyword strategy that never actually converts to a deal. If you have fallen prey to this practice, Convirza helps you know and change.

#5 Optimize marketing strategies

One of the most valuable parts of the Convirza Marketing Dashboard is seeing your marketing campaigns clearly and side by side. Convirza’s 12 out-of-the-box reports encompass all advertising and marketing tools.

For instance, if you have a direct mail campaign, you need to watch your different direct mail strategies, based on your locations or zipcodes, with the Calls by Region Heatmap report. See our most used reports.

#6 Effectiveness of ads and their placements

Many marketers want to know which ads or placements create the most excellent value for each dollar spent. Tying this information back can also result in the filters you can leverage on our dashboard.

With this feature, you can hone in on your most profitable strategies. They will create more value and more succinct observations. You can make even better decisions to drive revenue.

#7 Selective focusing

It is important to note that Convirza’s Marketing Dashboard has several filtering capabilities. With these filtering capabilities, you can slice and dice your data as you want. Filter information without exporting all the data and then try to format it in a pivot table or an Excel dashboard to get the report or the information you need. With Convirza, you select the filters. Select the format of the report you desire. And click download!

#8 Scrutinizing marketing efforts

As marketers, we want the details; we want to know what is happening once we publish our ads or landing pages. Convirza has come up with another exclusive feature that we call drill-downs.

Drilldowns allow you to not only see the highlights but also to drill into the details that you need to continue to refine and optimize your marketing approaches.

#9 Different graphs for different numbers

What else is different with Convirza? We provide other graphs for tracking and dynamic numbers so you know the exact source of the call. With Dynamic Number Insertion, customers also get the added advantage of visitor-level data, which no other company can provide.

Florida State different graphs for tracking numbers
Conversion Analytics Phone Call

With our call tracking, you know where the phone call came from; with our Conversation Analytics®, you understand what is happening during the call; and with our Call Reporting Dashboard, you see what happens after the call. You can see the complete picture with this kind of pre-call and post-call data. You can know your customer behavioral pattern and execute your future strategies accordingly. One can only imagine the power such data can provide.

With all the features mentioned above, it is clear that marketing dashboards provide the level of insight that organizations need. They need it to continue improving and building upon their marketing strengths and improving their marketing weaknesses.


There is real power in somebody’s ability to process massive amounts of data into a handful of graphs and charts that showcase what’s driving value for your business. The value is hard to calculate because of people’s ability to make data-driven decisions. If you don’t have a marketing dashboard and are not looking at the high-level metrics, you will struggle.

Organizations that are data-driven, in general, make 40% more money than those that are not.

Marketing dashboards are powerful because they allow you to dive into the different attribution areas that are most important to your business. There is just as much value in identifying what’s working as in knowing what’s not. You can eliminate bad leads and wasted money spent on ineffective programs or ads. Answers and current data are critical to driving the actual ROI that organizations demand.

Today, Convirza released 12 new and upgraded call reports. See the latest marketing dashboard for yourself.

Published on: Mar 28, 2018.

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