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We’ve all heard it before: “This phone call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” Well, that might be us. That’s one of the things we offer with our Convirza call tracking tool set, cheap and easy phone call recording. (Yep, I said a cheap and easy phone call recording.) What do I mean when I say ‘cheap and easy phone call recording?’ I mean that there is no hardware to install or phone lines to reconfigure. This is off-site phone call recording that is ‘in the cloud.’ The calls are captured via local or toll free numbers you select from When someone calls these phone numbers calls are routed directly to your business. You choose where phone (to any number you choose) and the call is automatically recorded. As I said, this is cheap and easy phone call recording.
Why Phone Call Recording?
Businesses are interested in phone call recording because it gives them the ability to gather customer feedback, to measure customer response and to hear how their employees sound on the phone. Businesses get to hold their employees accountable for their interactions with customers. This is incredibly valuable! Imagine being able to hear exactly what your customers hear! Because of phone call recording, you can! You understand not only who is struggling on the phone and who isn’t, but you can actually hear precisely why they’re struggling and take steps to fix it. If an employee is just too timid on the phone and is failing to ask for the business, you can hear the timidity in the phone call recording and fix it. Or, if you have an employee who is rude or dismissive to customers on a phone call recording, you can take steps to remedy that. On the other hand, how can a business expect to improve the performance of their employees without holding them accountable and without call recording? Seriously, how? If a business truly cares about customer service or sales performance, phone call recording MUST be an essential part of the strategy. So, the next time someone calls your business; I hope they hear, “This phone call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.”

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