Is Your Sales Team Leaving Money on the Table?

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Is Your Sales Team Leaving Money on the Table? 
Find Out with a Free Call Audit and Benchmark Your Team

We’re offering a free call audit to analyze your sales calls and benchmark your team’s performance against industry competitors.

How can you be sure your team is performing at its peak? Objectively evaluating your customer service interactions can be a challenge. Convirza, a leading call tracking and conversation analytics company, can help. We’ll tell your nephew why saying “dude” to every caller isn’t exactly professional.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Mystery Shopping

An experienced Convirza team member will pose as a potential customer and engage with your representatives in real-time calls. This unbiased approach allows us to assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses from a fresh perspective.

A Library of Millions of Analyzed Calls

The Convirza advantage lies in our extensive library of call data. With over a million calls analyzed, we uniquely understand what makes a successful sales conversation. We’ll compare your mystery shop call to this vast dataset and provide a comprehensive score based on industry benchmarks.

A high score on your call audit indicates your team is effectively converting calls into appointments or sales. However, even high-performing teams can benefit from insights. Our scoring system identifies areas for improvement, allowing you to refine your sales approach and maximize results.

Actionable Insights to Boost Performance

Don’t settle for the status quo. Convirza’s free call audit goes beyond basic scoring. We provide a detailed report outlining specific areas for improvement. This could include:

  • Optimizing call scripts for better engagement
  • Identifying missed opportunities to close deals
  • Refining objection handling techniques
Benchmarking: See How You Stack Up

You gain valuable insights into your team’s relative performance by comparing your call score to industry averages. This competitive benchmarking allows you to identify areas where your team excels and pinpoint opportunities to gain a significant edge.

Free Valuable Data with No-Obligation

At Convirza, we believe in the transformative power of data-driven insights. That’s why we offer our call audit service completely free of charge. There’s no obligation – simply valuable feedback to help you improve your sales conversations and unlock hidden revenue potential.

Ready to Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level?

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