Enhancing the Customer Journey with In-Depth Conversation Analytics

In-Depth Conversation Analytics
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Delivering an exceptional customer journey is important to guide prospects and customers along the buying or issue resolution process. To deeply understand customer needs and behaviors, many businesses are turning to conversation analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversation analytics enables the capture of insights from every customer interaction across multiple channels – phone, chat, email, social, SMS, and surveys. By analyzing conversations for intent, action, and emotion through unsolicited feedback, businesses can empower their agents to improve the customer journey, providing the intelligence to refine processes, policies, and products for better customer satisfaction.

Convirza, a leading provider in conversation analytics and call center technology, dramatically enhances customer interactions. As a comprehensive solution, Convirza’s Actionable Insights (CAI) enable listening and learning from 100% of customer interactions.

Driving Business Improvements with Customer Insights

Discover the capabilities of Convirza’s conversation analytics technology.

  • Synthesising Intelligence through Conversation Analytics
  • Conversation analytics uncovers customers’ true desires by capturing and analyzing every interaction.


This technology not only discerns what customers are saying but also provides context and emotional depth. Superior analytics can tag language associated with emotions and phrases that reveal underlying issues, buying intent, and agent responses. By measuring aspects like stress levels, voice inflection, and speech speed, you can detect churn-prone behavior and prompt agents to take proactive steps.

Convirza’s analytics can guide agents towards delivering better customer experiences by:

  • Deflecting calls and offering self-service options to reduce agent workload.
  • Optimizing coaching for call center managers to address specific training needs.
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and causes of underperformance to reduce agent churn.
  • Speeding up issue resolution with AI-based, real-time script suggestions.
Convirza’s Actionable Insights Technology

Convirza’s Actionable Insights platform transforms customer and agent voices into operational intelligence on a large scale. With automated performance, sentiment and emotion scoring, topic discovery, and trend analysis, it offers insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as agent compliance.

The platform turns customer voice and multichannel interactions into structured data, enhancing awareness of customer experiences and contact center issues through word and phrase identification, sentiment analysis, and topic identification.

With Convirza’s Actionable Insights, businesses can:

  • Capture and analyze conversation data flexibly and comprehensively.
  • Optimize customer engagement by tracking interactions across all channels.
  • Utilize sentiment and emotion analysis for in-depth service issue insights.
  • Automate call categorization for easy identification of similar interactions.
  • Aggregate interaction metrics to improve agent quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Explore customer conversations with flexible analysis and data integration capabilities.
  • Efficiently scale for large data sets, ensuring low total ownership costs.
  • Redact sensitive data for compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Creating Value Across the Enterprise with Conversation Analytics


Convirza’s comprehensive solution provides deep insights into customer needs, enabling informed decisions in all business areas.

Marketing: Understand customer reactions to marketing communications for more effective future campaigns.

Sales: Gain insights into sales interactions to enhance agent performance and customer perception.

Product: Leverage customer feedback for product development and improvement.

Finance: Make financial transactions smoother by understanding customer pain points.

Risk & Compliance: Enhance training and reduce risk by ensuring regulatory compliance in communications.

Why Businesses Choose Convirza

Convirza, a pioneer in the speech analytics industry, delivers exceptional value with effective, scalable solutions. The organization’s agility allows for adaptation to customer needs, with numerous customer-driven features added to products. Convirza’s customer success team ensures that clients realize significant ROI through expert guidance and the Continuum Maturity Model. This commitment to customer success and innovation positions Convirza as a leader in conversation analytics.

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