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You’re so vain; I bet you think this blog is about you. Carly Simon’s hit song may make you think that being vain is a bad thing. But, we say it’s good to be vain when it comes to business, especially when promoting your company through a vanity number.


What is a vanity number?

Think of a vanity phone number as an extension of your brand, through an easy-to-recall phone number. Vanity numbers are special alphanumeric combinations that are used in place of traditional phone numbers. These combinations transpose into words, making them more memorable than a typical phone number. Here are a few examples:

1-800-REALTOR, 1-888-88-SMILE, or 1-800-NEW-TIRE.

As you can see, they are personal and customizable; you get to pick what your vanity number says. Usually, vanity phone numbers start with a toll-free prefix, such as 1-800, or include repeaters, such as 1-877-777-HVAC. But if you want to connect with a particular geographic market, vanity numbers using localized area codes are also available.

What are the benefits of vanity numbers?

A vanity number is a simple way to help customers remember who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch with you. Because they improve the recall of your brand, the payout from these numbers is huge. Every day, consumers are bombarded with so many ads and branded messages that they ultimately remember very little. In fact, Jay Walker-Smith, President of the marketing firm Yankelovich, Inc, estimates that we see about 5,000 advertisements a day. With so many companies competing for attention, it’s critical to find ways to seamlessly deliver your message without getting lost in the crowd: precisely why vanity numbers are crucial to staying on top of mind.

People Correctly Recalled Vanity Numbers After A 30 Second Advertisment

Ease of use for virtually anything we use in life affects how often we use it. Data shows that when customers can easily remember your phone number, call volume increases. Vanity numbers increase consumer recall rates of your phone number by 72%, and they can increase your inbound calls by as much as 31%.

Another great thing about vanity numbers is that they are flexible. You can configure your number to route to any location or even an individual’s mobile phone for businesses on the go. Perhaps you have a specific department or team that you want to “round-robin” your calls to, no problem. A call tracking solution can make this process easy so you never miss a call from a potential customer.

Want to expand your reach into new markets? A vanity number can help with that as well. It’s an effective way to build credibility and advertise your company to a national audience.

In the end, more calls lead to more sales. Customers that call you are much more likely to buy your product or service versus those that connect through an online form fill. Giving your sales or customer support team the opportunity to form a personal connection with a caller will up your chances of closing a sale.

Top things to ask yourself when considering vanity numbers
#1 What advertising campaigns should I include my vanity number in?

Traditional advertising methods like billboards, print ads, and radio advertisements make great places to use a vanity number. That is because you have just a few seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. But in this digital age, any type of advertisement, online or print, is enhanced with vanity numbers.

#2 What are the best keywords to use in my vanity number?

This is an important factor, as the keywords will tell people who you are and what you do. Simplicity is important. Don’t over-complicate the number and avoid unusual spellings that may cause confusion.

#3 Are my top competitors also using vanity numbers?

Do your research. Make sure whatever phone number you choose isn’t mistakenly helping your competitors. For example, as a dentist, you may want to choose the vanity number 1-585-55-SMILE. If you have a competing dentist in your city named Smile Dentistry, you may be inadvertently giving them your leads!

Vanity numbers can help any company increase its inbound lead activity and call rate. But these numbers work especially well for companies that do a lot of business over the phone. If you rely on phone traffic to make sales, then why not get that traffic amped up and coming to you?

How do I get a vanity phone number?

If you are interested in getting a vanity number, then contact us at Convirza today. Try giving us a call at our own vanity number, 1-877-CONVIRZA. One of our account managers will work with you to design the perfect, memorable, and unique vanity number that will have you standing out in no time.

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