6 Automotive Dealer Marketing Strategies to Rev Your Marketing Engine

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Rev Up Your Engines with these 6 Automotive Dealer Marketing Strategies!

The world of automotive dealerships is where dreams of driving off into the sunset come to life. Its crtical you have the right automotive dealer marketing strategies to get the best customers onto your lot.

As an automotive dealer, you know that the competition is fierce and the race to win over customers never stops.We want to give you a hand.

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Whether you specialize in selling new or used cars, trucks, or motorcycles, having a winning marketing game plan is crucial for driving success. In this article, we’ll hit the gas and explore6 powerful marketing strategies tailored to automotive dealerships.

  1. Website PresenceYour automotive dealer’s website is like a showroom. This is where prospective buyers and car shoppers can explore the latest models and features.They also get to know you, and your brand. Are you a high-end luxury dealer? Do you specialize in a certain type of buyer?Just like a portal, your website takes them on a virtual tour of what they can expect when they do business with you. The cars you have in stock, additional options, service, you name it.You want to make them feel like they’re already behind the wheel of their dream car.
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You want to optimize your site using a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help you get more traffic from search engines such as google and bing (more below).

  1. Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising is like having a party where car enthusiasts gather to celebrate the joy of driving.Many people see cars as a core part of their identity. They may connect with a certain brand or model. You want to meet them where they are.What you share on social media should be fun and engaging. They are on social media to distract themselves, so don’t be overlu business-oriented with them.It’s like sharing exciting car news, offers, and special events with everyone invited. When people see your social media posts, they feel like they’re part of an exclusive car community.
  2. BillboardsMost of the business an auto dealer does comes from local people. Those who drive past the dealership on a regular basis, or know people who have gone there.Billboards are like giant signposts on the highway that point drivers straight to your dealership.Imagine your dealership as a treasure trove of amazing cars, and billboards act as the guides. They lead customers right to your lot. When drivers see your billboard, you want them to know they’re on the right track to find their dream car.
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  1. MailersSending personalized invitations to potential car buyers is a great advertising method.It’s like giving them a VIP ticket to visit your dealership and experience the latest car models up close. When people receive your mailer, they feel like they’re receiving a special invitation to a car showcase just for them.Mailers target different audiences than other advertisements. It can open your pool of potential customers to entirely fresh sets of eyes.
  2. Paid Local AdvertisingPaid local advertising is a magic wand that makes your dealership appear whenever someone nearby searches for a new car.You’re able to “cast a spell” that instantly brings your dealership to the attention of car buyers in your area. You have the chane to show them the perfect vehicle choices they’re looking for.This can include search engines such as Google or Bing. It may be local advertisements in a local directory.Both of these avenues can help you target specific people interested in what you have to offer.
  1. Google My Business ProfileYour Google My Business profile is perhaps the most important thing you can have. It appears on search engines, and maps! If someone looks for a car, they can get a snapshot of your business profile. This includes directions to your exact location, your website, and a phone number!Your GMB profile is like a digital map that guides car buyers right to your dealership’s doorstep. When people search for automotive dealers, your business pops up to take them straight to the car of their dreams. You can get an entire guide on how to optimize your google my business profile here.

If you haven’t used some of these techniques yet, they are worth a try. The automotive dealer space is competitive. You need a way to differentiate yourself.

You’ll attract more car buyers than ever, and your dealership will become the ultimate destination for finding the perfect ride. So, get ready to hit the marketing gas pedal!

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