6 Ways High-Performance Teams Use Automated Call Scoring

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High-Performance sales teams use Automated Call Scoring to perform better.

The demand for call data and automated call scoring is growing every day. More and more businesses realize the value that phone call information holds. In fact, the best marketers are already taking advantage of it.

As massive numbers of employees work from home, companies are seeing inbound phone calls increase. Also, companies need to keep track of their teams and get a pulse on their conversations with leads and customers.

Convirza Conversation Analytics® services processes millions of phone calls. Within minutes, the algorithms provide valuable call data organized in convenient reports. The AI has uncovered a goldmine of data that was previously unavailable. At a high level, the call analytics produce call scores built on dozens of indicators.

Here are six of the top ways companies use automated call scoring to drive performance.

Automated Call Scoring Top Benefits

Track Close Rates

The first and most crucial reason to score sales calls for performance is to gather close rate data. The most important metric in any Convirza scorecard is the ‘Call Outcome’ criteria. In other words, did the call end in a sale or not? That’s the ultimate aim.

No other metric is as important as the conversion. All other metrics are merely ancillary to close rates.

Close rate data tell sales managers, executives, and salespeople what percentage of their calls result in the desired outcome. This may be a conversion, appointments, or demo.

Call scores can and should be gathered on individuals, which roll up to departments and even entire businesses. Imagine, for example, being able to instantly have a close rate percentage for your employees. You may find that Jim closes 73% of the calls he gets, but Jack only converts 37% of the calls he receives. (You’ll know who you should get a raise.)

Close rate data is the definitive measure.

Score Specific Elements of the Call Flow

Besides scoring close rates, you can get individual elements of each call. Conversation Analytics® services measures a host of call components.

These include:

  • Tone of voice
  • Measure greeting
  • How well the agent asked open-ended questions
  • Did they ask for the business?
  • Did they seek to overcome objections?

All these things and more are measured and quantified.

And guess what? As call scores rise, so do close rates.


Compare Agents Against Each Other

One way to motivate team members is to learn from leaders within the group. Automated call scoring may be used to find the extraordinary skills that employees use. Wouldn’t it be inspiring to have agents share their personal techniques?

How well does Sarah perform on the phone compared to Jim? In which elements of the call is Sarah better than Jim? For example, maybe Jim gets a score of 54 on Asking for the Business, and Sarah gets a score of 21. Without bias, you know what Sarah needs to work on and areas for improvement.


Track Improvement

So, you’ve started to record calls and score calls. Is Jim getting better on the phone? Which areas of his phone performance are lacking? And most critically, are his close rates going up or down?

Automated call scoring is a hands-off way to monitor individual and team progress.


Add Hard Data to Call Recording

A lot of businesses record calls. They spend a lot of money on costly call recording devices. However, few enterprises gather much data from these call recordings. Occasionally they’ll listen to calls or use recordings to handle disputes. But they don’t actually examine data from call recordings.

This is a mistake.

Automatic call scoring allows businesses to gather true analytics from call recordings. The software links numbers to calls, people, performance, and sales. Shazam! It’s the missing link between the phone calls and the CRM.


Automated Call Scoring as a Sales Training Tool

A segment of our client base comprises sales training companies. These companies use Convirza to hold trainees accountable to the principles they teach. Are the trainees doing the things you taught them?

Also, sales training companies use Convirza to prove to their clients-the sales managers and executives-that training is effective. As a sales training company, they relish showing that close rates improve. Can you imagine showing how individual elements of call scores are getting better?

That’s powerful, valuable stuff.

We’ve had many questions about how this technology works and the data that it can extract. The infographic below outlines some key points to understand what takes place behind the scenes of call scoring.

Automated Call scoring and conversation analytics infographic

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