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In the world of heavy equipment, every dollar counts. With huge payments and colossal machines, having business coming through the door is crucial. To help you keep a steady inflow of leads, we want to give you these Heavy Equipment Marketing Strategies to fuel your success.

You might be in the business of renting out construction machinery, servicing heavy equipment, or a dealership. Either way, you need to reach your target audience and standing out from the competition.

We’ll rev up your marketing engine and explore 7 marketing strategies tailored to the heavy equipment industry. Get ready to take the driver’s seat and skid steer your marketing efforts to leads!

  1. Google My Business Profile

Most heavy machine business happens locally. This means you NEED a strong presence on google search, and on maps such as google maps and apple maps.

Have you ever used a map to find your way to an exciting place? Google My Business is the digital map that guides potential customers to your heavy equipment shop.

The best way to do this is to establish a Google My Business (or GMB) profile. You can find a comprehensive guide on how to do this following the GMB link.

When people search for construction machinery, your business pops up on the map, leading them to your rental oasis. This allows you to capture the maximum amount of local leads, the best kind for any rental company.

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  1. Website PresenceYour website is like the heart of your business online.

Many people look online for reviews, price shopping, and availability. If you aren’t capturing that traffic, thousands of people are missing out on your company every year (and depending on your reach, many more).

A good online presence is like a shiny brochure. Your website showcases all the amazing heavy equipment you have available for rent. It builds trust and value. It provides an avenue for customers to educate themselves, and come prepared to purchase.

People can easily find your website and learn about your rental services, just like a kid can always find their favorite toys in any store (and cry when they don’t get it, not speaking from experience of course).

  1. Social Media Advertising

People go onto social media to distract themselves. It’s not the platform where people usually convert into customers, but it is where they become aware of what you have to offer.

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Think of social media as a virtual playground where everyone comes to have fun and connect with friends. By advertising your heavy equipment on social media, you can spark the interest of individuals, construction companies and contractors.

They get curious and click on your ads to learn more about your machines, just like kids lining up to see the next magic trick. This leads them to other avenues (such as Google My Business and your website) where they can become a customer.


  1. Billboards

Heavy Equipment is often business done locally. This means that billboards have an elevated impact, because you can target the exact areas you want to.

Picture this: you’re driving on the road, and suddenly, you see a huge billboard showing off impressive heavy equipment for rent. Especially in local areas, it instantly grabs your attention.

Billboards may be old school, but they work for your rental businesses.

They can also help direct customers right to you, such as on an exit or to make your store more visible.

  1. Mailers

Mailers have been around for a long time, and there’s a reason for it. Especially with location-based businesses, they bring people in. They generate on-site visits and calls.Remember getting exciting letters or cool cards in the mail? Sending mailers is like sharing a secret treasure map to your heavy equipment kingdom.

Silly though it may sound, there is truth behind it. Often times, those who value mailers aren’t effectively reached by other avenues.

If advertising costs are high in your area, this can be a way to capture new eyes.

If you haven’t tried mailers, it’s worth sending a few thousand out as a test.


  1. Paid Local & Online AdvertisingAlmost everybody uses google (or a similar search engine) to scout out purchases. Homeowners, contractors, large companies, they all will be searching for what you need online.

Imagine you have a magic wand that can make your rental business appear right in front of people’s eyes right when they are looking to purchase. With paid local advertising, that’s exactly what happens!

Your heavy equipment business pops up in search results, just like a magical genie granting wishes to those who need machinery.

Every area, the people respond to a different message. Be sure to test out various things to see what converts.


  1. Channel Partnerships

When people are looking for Heavy Equipment, what else might they be looking for? Concrete, building materials, landscaping, and many more things.

If you approach businesses in your local area that offer those services, you can create a partnership.

This may look something like this:
“When you rent/buy with xx rental, you get a free week of landscaping from x company!”

Conversely, the landscaping company can offer a voucher for 10-20% off your products for people who use their service.

This is a win-win-win!
You get to add more value to your customers when they buy your product.
You get exposed to pre-qualified leads from other businesses.
The other business benefits, so the partnership grows together.

Remember to try different rental marketing strategies. One might not excel in your area, but others will.

These marketing strategies will help make your heavy equipment rental business shine like a bright star in the sky.

If any of this was helpful, let us know in the comments!

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