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Call Routing

Optimize the Path Your Calls Take Before the Conversation Begins

Ensuring that your callers can get the right information from the right source is the best way to give them the experience they need to become a customer. Convirza’s customizable call routing feature allows you to get your calls to the right people fast.


Optimize the call experience at every step

Easily build call flows to route every call to the right person every time. Convirza offers the most up-to-date call routing tools for powerful, versatile call handling. Leverage your existing phone system by routing calls to your current phone lines, including mobile phones.

  • Route calls based on time of day, location, and more
  • Set up hunt groups to ensure each call finds an available agent
  • Simultaneous ring, rollover routing, and overflow routing available

Convirza’s call routing options don’t stop once the phone is picked up. Use our comprehensive technology to customize each conversation, enabling your agents to make a strong first impression.

  • Record your own custom greeting to welcome callers
  • Create an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • Set up whisper messages for agents to hear call details before answering

Optimize the post-call experience. Convirza allows instant feedback from your own team members, so you can tailor your messaging based on specialized criteria, as well as fain a faster understanding of phone conversations and conversions.

  • Customize your voicemail greeting and number of rings before calls go to voicemail
  • As soon as calls are finished, agents respond to a quick post-call survey
  • Use call recordings and real-time data to enhance campaigns, sales, training, and service

Why Businesses Love Convirza’s Call Routing Solutions

Call routing allows you to customize the call experience to provide both customers and call agents with everything they need to make a sale.

Seamless Experience

Call routing boosts efficiency and productivity. By setting predefined algorithms, businesses transfer each call to an available agent, reducing average call transfer time.

Prompt Response

Routing calls to the most applicable and available agent decreases response and call handling time, which in turn elevates customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Productivity

Immediately connect callers to agents who have been trained to address their specific issues while also boosting agents’ confidence

Cost Reduction

First-contact resolution satisfies more customers in a shorter period with fewer transfers. It reduces maintenance and upfront costs, leading to overall cost reduction.

Resource Optimization

Effective call routing ensures customer calls are routed seamlessly to the appropriate agents who can utilize their earned skills in solving caller’s problems.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

By preventing multiple transfers, reducing the wait time, and sending customers to the most fitting agent, call routing significantly boosts customer satisfaction.

Geographic Call Routing Connects Customers and Businesses

Looking to learn more about the benefits of call routing, particularly for your multi-region business? Check out our blog on geographic call routing and all the ways it can make a difference for your business.

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