Why Twitter Engagement Is Essential For Brands

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Twitter with its 330 million active users has become one of the top 5 social media channels.

It’s a handle where active engagement is the buzzword.

It is an extraordinary tool for one-to-one conversations, allowing brands to initiate a dialogue with every person who wants to connect.

For instance, Uber was able to gather immense goodwill and coverage by just leveraging the power of Twitter.

When Boston Public school buses went on a worker strike, many students were left stranded. A user tweeted to Uber asking them to offer free rides to students of the school and they did.

Uber didn’t have to use its Marketing team for an idea that led to massive media coverage including from major publications like The New York Times.

They simply had to engage.

Any brand can achieve its engagement objective with Twitter if they use the medium keeping in mind its uniqueness.

Even with just 280 characters per tweet, Twitter is an exciting live news feed because there are around 500 million tweets per day. (Source)

In this blog, we tell you reasons to make Twitter an important part of your engagement strategy.

#1 Opens Dialogue with Your Target Audience

If your users are young and tech-savvy, then Twitter is your first ally. It allows you to select your target audience and tweet to them in your status update. The good thing is that your tweet shows up in all your active

Twitter audience’s daily feed. If your tweet or offer is relevant to current events it can lead to an explosion of an engaged audience.

For example, a man tweeted to Wendy’s asking how many retweets he needed to get free nuggets for a year.

Wendy’s reply was 18 Million. He garnered only 3.5 million tweets but it was an exceptional way for Wendy’s to be highlighted.
twitter engagement
If Wendy’s had passed the opportunity to engage with that user they would’ve missed a campaign that beat the Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie tweet in retweets.
twitter engagement

#2 Allows Instant Engagement

85 % of businesses use Twitter to provide customer support.

One reason is that people love using Twitter to share their opinion about brands, especially if they are unhappy.

A single tweet from Kylie Jenner about Snapchat sent the Snapchat stocks spiraling downwards causing them to lose $1.3 billion in the market.
twitter engagement
As a brand, you can avoid or salvage situations that can simply spell disaster. An active and efficient team can help you turn around a miffed customers mood. And who doesn’t want to be seen as a responsive and responsible brand?

#3 Boosts Discoverability

Twitter was the first platform to introduce the use of hashtags widely. A social technology expert suggested that it can be used for groups and helping people search for relevant topics.

Today they are used on every single platform.

If you are able to identify keywords that are relevant to your brand and are unique, include them in your tweets, your profile description and your website. This helps users to form an association and find you easily.

For example, the #IceBucketChallenge became a great campaign for the ALS Association and garnered immense momentum. And the best part is that the hashtag was again suggested by a user.

Today creating the right Hashtag for an event or a company is an integral part of making a campaign go viral. #MeToo #MondayBlues #HappyFriday made the whole world engage with each other.

#4 Keeps You Updated

Things trend and disappear in an instant today.

Twitter is largely responsible for how fast one can get the latest news.

Follow a newspaper and you will get the latest news even before its available in an article online.

Celebs use this platform to update their followers about their take on current issues or to make announcements.

But it’s not all business and serious on Twitter.

Famous brands have gotten into friendly banters to promote themselves mutually.

Take for example Taco Bell and Old Spice having a go at each other.

twitter engagement
This kind of engagement with not just your audience but also your competitors allows you to build a brand persona. Twitter can also be used to know what your competitors are going to do next.

Wrap Up

There are countless channels available to engage with your audience.

Twitter remains on top because of its countless benefits. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to let your audience know how ready and alive you are to seize every day.

Happy Tweeting!

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