Types of Marketing Videos You Should Create

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We at Convirza strongly believe that a video is worth 1.8 million words/min.

Here’s how:
types of marketing videos
The power of video marketing is indisputable!

It’s no secret that the value of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s not to be taken casually.

In fact, it’s believed that video content will make up 80% of all traffic on the Internet by 2019.

Businesses need a video marketing strategy. It’s where more and more attention is heading these days.

However, that doesn’t mean posting a video with random, unhelpful content will get you that number one place. You first need to decide the type of videos you want to create.

What types of videos are beneficial for marketing?

Here are a few best types of videos to incorporate into your marketing plan.

Types of Marketing Videos

#1 Brand Videos

The idea of these videos should be to introduce yourself to your viewers. Tell them your vision, mission, values, and the core of your brand. The aim is to build awareness around your business and attract your target audience.

The best way to differentiate your brand video from your competitors is by animation. Through animation, a new aspect of your brand is created. It gives visual and emotional stimulation, as well as that wow factor which makes your video content memorable.

While creating these videos, think short, fun, and unique.

#2 Company Culture Videos

Customers love excellent products, but even more than that, they prefer excellent products that come from reliable places.

Through culture videos, reveal the human side of your organization, connect on an emotional level with your audience and let the personality of your employees’ shine. And, if the viewers appreciate your videos, you’ll be more likely to earn brand advocates who freely share your message.

These videos can include anything, employee interviews, team-building days, games, and birthday parties. There’s no specific rule for this one, but lots of place for creativity. Here’s us engaging in the #MannequinChallenge

#3 Explainer Videos

An explainer video is one of the most powerful types of videos you can create. These marketing videos are about explaining what your product is and how to use it.

These videos are the best and simple way to explain your product to the people who are unfamiliar with your product. They’ll have a much easier time following a step-by-step video than a written list of steps.

Furthermore, explainer videos don’t promote your products or services, rather, they give useful information to your audience, while introducing them to your business at the same time.

#4 Webinar Videos

Another often neglected video format is the recorded webinar. Assuming you have recorded your webinars, you can use those videos for marketing.

Webinars give you the opportunity to go in depth about topics. Also, webinars give you the chance to host Q&A sessions with customers, product demos with clients, or even interviews with other leaders in your industry.

Post these webinar videos on your own website or YouTube to get a loyal audience and following. Here’s our webinar page: WEBINARS and this is our most viewed webinar: The 411 of DNI visitor level tracking: Convirza tells all

#5 Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a great, yet under-utilized tool for providing social proof.

Your potential customers want your product to solve their specific issues. And, one of the excellent ways to prove this and build trust is by creating testimonial videos that feature your happy and faithful customers.

These customers are your best advocates. Get them on-camera explaining their difficulties and how your business helped them meet their purposes.

These can be used on a sales page advertising a particular product or service.

#6 Personalized Videos

Today’s era is all about personalization. What makes people happier is when companies give a personal touch and make their audience feel special.

Record yourself giving personalized suggestions. These videos create a pleasing, unique moment for your prospects and can push them further down the purchase journey.

Wrap Up

Creating videos builds brand authority and keeps your audience engaged. Also, including video in your content marketing strategy is an effective way to boost the journey of quality leads in your funnel.

With so many video formats to choose from, you can create numerous videos and never run out of ideas or video styles to produce your video.

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