Top 5 Tips for Writing Clickable Ads

Top 5 Tips for Writing Clickable Ads

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Are you an expert at convincing people?

Do readers jump up to click your ads?

Let’s be honest, writing an eye-catching ad is tougher than it seems.

Advertisement sometimes turns out to be ordinary and frustrating. We fail to engage our readers, and that’s when we fail to convey our ideas, too.

How can you create ads that attract your target audience?

Generating content is a vital part of a marketer’s day-to-day work. From drafting ebooks to publicizing webinars, we have to be inventive. Brevity must be your closest companion.

However, getting the appropriate words can be difficult, mainly when there is limited space. I’m sure we’ve all struggled with writing just one tweet with the character limit (I know I have).

Similarly, writing ad copy for online marketing is tough. This is because Google Ads have limited space and it is not easy to fit everything you want to communicate about your business in just a few persuasive words.

It’s essential to craft ads to grab attention and get your prospective clients engaged with your offer.

How do you write clickable ads? Here is a list of best practices that will help you to create better and more clickable ads.

Tips for Writing Clickable Ads

#1 Create Curiosity

Everyone is curious by nature and wishes to learn more about topics that interest us. Therefore, if you begin your headings with phrases such as “How do I …” or “How I… ” the reader will be more curious to know about it.

You can also use a contradiction in your title to confuse your readers, so you’re able to grab their attention. Here are a few examples of headlines that use curiosity to grasp attention:

The headline itself does not sell, it just captures the attention of potential customers, so they click on it and in turn are taken to the website where the real sales happen. Hence, writing the attractive and curious headings that generate high CTR is the key to success.
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#2 Attract Your Target Audience with a Special Offer

Including some special offers for your target audience will make them more likely to click. Special offers can include:

  • A free trial
  • Free shipping
  • Downloadable guides

These perks are perfect to highlight in headlines.

Also, businesses promote special offers like “40% off sale” and “free shipping” to move their target audience to take action. These tactics work. Prospective customers who might have been reluctant, now are more likely to click, familiarize themselves with the brand, and possibly even buy, all because of the special offer.

#3 Include Messages That Provoke Emotions

The best performing ads are ones that connect with your target audience. Often we think that decisions and purchases are based on facts and features. This may be the case initially, but emotional messages move people from research to action.

If you use emotion-triggering words like amazing, incredible, unique, or free, who wouldn’t like to click that ad? Using the appropriate words can make people click on your ads.

Here are a few more examples of some emotional headlines:

When constructing ads write copy that speaks to your audience. Also, don’t forget to include at least one keyword in your ad.  Consumers looking for a product or service in your business can quickly find your brand when ads are established on keywords.
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#4 Create Dynamic Ads

A big benefit of digital marketing is the ability to alter ads. If your offer changes, you can adapt the ad. And if you find that no one is clicking on the ad — change it.

Try to create ad copy that builds urgency, social proof, and displays the best prices.

For example:

  • Create urgency: Only 2 more t-shirts left at this discount. Order now before they are gone!
  • Build social proof: 9 out of 10 users rate these shoes as 5 stars. Find out why.
  • Advertise prices: One-time 50% special. Only $59.99 for the next 24 hours.

#5 Keep Ads Current

It’s very frustrating for consumers to click on an ad for free shipping only to find that the offer expired yesterday. Many consumers will bounce from your site and either not purchase or find the item on another site.

Keeping your ads up-to-date and relevant will guarantee that potential customers have a positive and friendly user experience.
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Wrap Up

Great ads are more than just words. People think that writing an ad is easy because the copy is short. But limited space and attention spans, require brilliant writing and design.

If users are not clicking on the ads, it means they are not working. These tips will help you create fascinating advertisements that people will love to click.

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