How to Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media

How to Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media
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At the very start, I felt excited about marketing on social media. I thought I was doing pretty well.

Then, a negative comment popped up on my company’s social media page.

What do I do now? Ignore them? Apologize? Argue with the person?

Responding to negative comments on social media can be frustrating and even scary. But, let’s face it, you can’t avoid negative comments on social media as much as you would like to. So you need to be ready.

The way you reply to negative social media comments is extraordinarily delicate and has a massive influence on your company’s image. Correctly responding can help turn a negative into a positive, while not appropriately reacting will only make things worse.

Here are a few tips to respond to negative comments on social media. These tips will also enhance your trustworthiness as a brand.
negative feedback on social media

#1 Respond within one hour to negative feedback on social media

Social media moves fast, and customers almost always expect prompt responses. Therefore, you must try to reply as soon as you have received a negative comment. A common thumb rule is to respond within one hour.

Promptly proves that you care about what they have to say. By discussing concerns directly, you have the chance to change their opinion about your business. And, by replying, you show other followers that you acknowledge these issues and care about them. It proves that you’re there to make things right if they have problems. Ignoring them communicates the opposite!

Your competitors are always looking for an opportunity to snatch your customer base. They may contact those angry clients and steal them from you. Hence, respond and fix those issues as soon as possible.

#2 Contact the customer privately

Don’t sit back and rest after answering to the customer complaint on social media. Contact that customer personally to open other possibilities for solving the issue.

Replying on social media is imperative to publically showcase your brand as genuine, attentive, and helpful. But, once you respond publically, you can move the discussion into a private message to give a detailed and better solution to solve a customer issue. And, here you will aim to let the customer understand that you are sorry and you are willing to help.

Also, moving it to a private communication will keep others from seeing further details on the situation. Private discussions will allow you to personalize the overall experience.

#3 Don’t Get Offensive to negative feedback on social media

Even if you feel that the comment is wrong and needless, don’t give an annoyed response. This will make things terrible, and you will lose your credibility in a very public way. Your comments will be viewed by your current customers, consumers considering a purchase, employees, and others.

Stay calm! And don’t forget that social media can go viral fast.

Furthermore, we all have heard the saying “the customer is always right.” Although that may not be precisely true, social media is all about judgment. And when responding to a negative comment you’re not just replying to the person who wrote it, but all of the other followers who may also view it. Therefore, if a customer complains about a particular issue, it’s best to admit the problem and take ownership.
negative feedback on social media

#4 Consumer satisfaction is the priority

If the complaints are valid, then you must solve these at any cost. Social media can be the perfect sounding board for an annoyed customer to tell others about their experience. When social media is used in this way, it will harm your brand image quickly and severely.

When your customers are not happy, and they make it known on social media, potential customers notice. Your biggest marketing asset is your existing customer base. Around 62% of customers search online for reviews and information before purchasing a product, and almost 90% believe brand recommendations from friends.

For example, if the complaint is related to your product then just take it back without asking a single question and return the money or replace it. It’s an excellent method to show customers that they are important. It will not be a huge loss for you, but this simple gesture can go a long way on social media.

#5 Never delete comments

The worst thing you can do when someone posts a negative comment on your social media page is to delete it. If they realize you removed it, then they will be even more angry with your company. Then they will either repost it and call you out for deleting it or then post something in another place that you aren’t able to remove.

Deleting comments only means that you are wrong in that situation or have something to hide. The only time it is okay to delete comments is if the individual continues to post and harass or spam your page.

Social media enables you to hide comments so that the person who posted it can still see it but no one else can. This is certainly a better option than deleting comments completely.

negative feedback on social media

#6 Reply to the Actual Post Once the Issue Is Solved

Never remove any negative comments from your social media pages! If clients only see positive comments on your page, they will feel that you remove all the negative ones. Hence, be sincere and reliable.

Also, if you are hesitant to ask a customer to remove his negative comment from the page once his issue is resolved, you always have the choice to reply to his original post regarding the solved problem. This will enhance your company image as the other audience will notice that you truly care about your customers.

Wrap Up

There’s no better way to know what your customers want than through their own feedback. A negative comment gives you a chance to fix a problem and in the meantime demonstrate your company’s commitment to great customer service.

When you reply to comments, remember that you are writing for everyone who will read it, not just the commenter. Most of your customers and prospects are present on social media and constantly watching you!

Negative comments occur to everyone, and managing them with transparency and speed is the best way to turn an upset customer into a faithful brand advocate.

Published on: Oct 30, 2018

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