How to Rank YouTube Videos

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It happens to me every single time. I search YouTube for a recipe and before I realize it, I have already wasted hours watching random videos.

how to rank youtube videos
YouTube is one of the most-used search engines, ranking only after Google. (Source) But surprisingly, YouTube is not yet utilized to the fullest.

With 4 billion views per day and 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, it goes without saying that Youtube video marketing is an arena that must be an important part of your marketing strategy.


In seven brief steps, this article tells you all about ‘How to get more views on Youtube?’ After all, more the views, more the marketing!

#1 Using Keywords

Right keywords are the gateways to rank youtube video on the first page of Google in minutes. Keywords are essentially the words most frequently searched for. Hence, make sure you use them in the title, description, and tags of your video.

To know the best keywords here’s the easiest tip ever: just run a google search with the title of your video, and additional keywords will appear via the dropdown bar.

Additionally, it is advised to speak these keywords in your actual video, for Youtube algorithms will understand them and help to raise the video ranking.

#2 Content and watch time

Youtube’s new algorithms rank the videos according to the amount of time they’re watched, as opposed to the number of clicks they receive. Hence, it is important to make the video engaging throughout.

  • Avoid boring bits and parts.
  • Use graphics, stickers, charts, bloopers etc to gain watch time.
  • Make the video 10 minutes or longer.

Viewers will even watch hour-long videos as long as they provide quality content.

Furthermore, add relevant description and tags under your videos. You can even make and group playlists on your page to club related videos.

#3 Arresting visuals

Youtube video ranking gets boosted mainly through simple yet delightful visuals. Try to keep the video pleasing and to-the-point. Do not use loud sounds in the background and avoid over-the-top use of colors, or colors that are too bright for the eyes.

Thumbnail is the first impression of your video. Youtube allows selecting 1 out of 3 random snapshots from the video as your thumbnail. Or you can custom upload it. Whichever way you choose, make sure the thumbnail tells what exactly is in the video. Again, keep it simple.

Keep in mind to upload your videos in HD quality only.

#4  Optimizations

Constant optimizations make your videos rank higher on Youtube. It updates the algorithms about your content and thus boosts your ranking.

  • Fill all aspects of your page.
  • Upload the best profile picture and background to tell about your page clearly.
  • Make the visuals pleasing.
  • Describe your channel briefly
  • Include links to your social media pages and websites.
  • Subscribe to more popular channels with similar content.

#5 Subtitles and CC

Youtube video viewers range from varied backgrounds and thus enabling subtitles on your videos helps to crater them all. CC or Closed Captions run real-time in the video and helps better understanding of the content.

Here are the steps to add subtitles or closed captions:

  1. Go to the YouTube Video Manager
  2. Find the video you wish to add subtitles, click the drop-down menu next to the Edit button
  3. Click subtitles and CC
  4. In the drop-down menu, click Select language and select the primary spoken language
  5. Click add subtitles or CC
  6. Select the language for the subtitles or CC
  7. Choose how to add subtitles or CC: Upload a File, Transcribe and auto-sync, Create new subtitles or CC

#6 Audience Engagement

A humble like or comment on your video will tell Youtube that the content is interesting, thus raising your ranking. One of the easiest and most common ways to increase engagement is to ask your viewers to ‘Like, Comment and Share’ your video. A simple appeal at the end of your video will do the trick. Also, try to reply to your viewers’ comments. Even a classic ‘thank you’ can make them feel valuable.

Secondly, include links to your websites and social media pages in the video or its description to draw more traffic. Remember that our concern is not only to how to rank youtube videos fast, but to increase visibility.

Also, don’t forget to ask them to subscribe to your channel.

#7 Proper Promotion

Q&A sites like Quora can be a fertile ground for promoting your video. Whenever you come across a question from your domain, answer it. Also, add the Youtube link of your video at the end. Make it easy for them to find you.

You can also link your latest video to your email signature.

Including links on your blog posts is also a great way to receive a quality audience.


It is the need of the hour to utilize the potential of Youtube. Even then, just making videos and uploading them is not enough. Try to include these practices in your SEO for Youtube to make the most of the site.

With correct content and engagement, “How to rank Youtube videos on Google?” is a query which will never knock your doors again.

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