13 Free Keyword Research Tools for Marketers

The foundation of search engine marketing campaigns largely comes down to focused keywords found with some helpful free keyword research tools.

Whether these goals are tied to SEO or PPC efforts, the process should begin with thorough keyword research. The keywords you are attempting to rank for, or that you associate with your ad campaigns, can determine the direction you take to reach those goals and connect with your audience.

The following free keyword research tools can be used to gain marketing insight and distinguish the most effective emphasis for your strategies and campaigns.

13 Free Keyword Research Tools

1. Google’s Keyword Planner

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This tool is one of the most commonly used for keyword research, especially when it comes to PPC campaigns. There is an assortment of data that can be extracted while evaluating old keywords and searching for new ones. While Google’s Keyword Planner offers a good place to start, other tools may offer more help for long-tail keyword selection.

2. Google Autocomplete

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The Google search box is an obvious but helpful option for some basic long-tail keyword research. As you perform a search based on a chief key term, the predictions that appear alongside the keyword can provide some direction and ideas. The terms that show up are typically the most popular searches around that keyword.

3. Keyword Tool

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This tool generates several hundred suggestions for every keyword that is entered. It works with an assortment of different languages and is ideal for a quick and simple long-tail keyword search.

4. Übersuggest

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If you are looking to generate ideas and add to your keyword lists then this tool may help you discover some long-tail varieties to your head term. Übersuggest uses the data provided by several search engines to pull recommendations for the keyword you are researching. It isn’t ideal for in-depth exploration but offers a simple way to find niche areas related to your basic keywords.

5. AdWords Search Terms

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The search terms used by visitors before they clicked on your ad can supply valuable keyword insight. The Search Query Report within AdWords can reveal high-performing terms that you can incorporate into your keyword list.

6. WordStream

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The Free Keyword Suggestion tool from WordStream is an option for finding significant terms for your specific goals. The suggestions are made up of long-tail keywords and phrases extracted from relevant search queries. WordStream also offers additional keyword tools to help you enhance and cultivate your list of keywords.

7. Keyword Eye

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This user-friendly tool displays keyword suggestions in a visual cloud using size and color to indicate volume and competition. Results can be sorted in alternate views and by specific metrics. Keyword Eye’s basic version is a great alternative for a highly visual keyword research process.


Keyword Research Tools
In addition to their paid selection, SERPs offers several free keyword research and SEO tools for digital marketers. These useful and effective tools include a Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Research Database, and Google Location Changer.

9. SEO Book 

Free keyword tool
This tool does require you to register for an account before you can gain access, but it is completely free and easy to use. It was built on a custom database and gathers data from Google, Bing and Yahoo search networks. It also displays information such as CPC and monthly searches in one neat table.

10. Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Research
Moz’s Keyword Explorer has a large database of keywords and is fairly intuitive when it comes to long-tail opportunities. In addition to providing thousands of keyword suggestions, their tool also offers data about ranking difficulty, search volume and scores for potential and opportunity.

11. Searchmetrics Research Cloud 

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Although you can use this tool for free upfront, if you choose to register for a free account then you can bypass the daily search query limit. This suite also offers additional tools that include SEO and PPC research, backlink lookup, social links and content performance.

12. SimilarWeb 

Competitor Keyword Research
At first glance, this would not be considered a keyword research tool. However, if you’re interested in getting a look at your competitor’s most successful keywords (which you should be) then this is a great place to start. Spyfu is also another good option for researching your competitor’s keywords and AdWords campaigns. 

13. Bing Keyword Research Tool 

Alternative Keyword Tool
If you’re trying to rank in Bing’s search results, or look for alternate keyword options, then you may want to check out their keyword research tool. It provides organic-focused data, up to six months of historical data, keyword ideas by language and region and also saves the data around your most recent searches.
Keyword research can be an intensive process but zeroing in on the ideal terms for your goals can significantly enhance the profitability of your campaign.
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