The Benefits of Live Streaming

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The world of marketing regularly evolves, leaving marketers constantly on their toes.

Initially, the text was the king of Google. Then photos took over the era of social media.

Later YouTube pioneered videos on the web.

Now, it’s the time for live video. Video Streaming Now Makes Up 58% Of Internet Usage Worldwide.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time, live video to people over the internet. All you need to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, and a platform to publish on.

You can broadcast anything you are doing across the world without delay or edit.

Thanks to live streaming tools such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, and Periscope for making it easy for anyone to broadcast live video to the world.

Here are a few reasons why live streaming is so important for your business and personal brand.

Benefits of Live Streaming

#1 Encourages Trust and Transparency

People prefer buying from businesses they trust. Customers usually relate trustworthiness with quality and great service.

Use live-streaming to exhibit some moments, processes, or other ways you can increase your company’s transparency to people outside of your consumer base. When you share your live video on social media, your posts gain positive comments and likes, both of which further the impression of a trustworthy brand.

#2 Consumes Content on Your Time

The greatest and the most powerful benefit of live streaming is that people consume content on your time, and not on their time. This means that you are only engaging with people who care about you, your brand, and people that find your content very helpful.

You are automatically targeting content at the audience who are more likely to convert and follow you.

No other content marketing channel is capable of doing what live streaming does.

#3 It’s Cost-Effective

If you think about it, live streaming is extremely low-priced. In fact, it’s totally free. You don’t need any particular tool, software, or device. All it needs is a smartphone or laptop with a camera and an active account with a preferred platform, be it Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Periscope.

Before live streaming was created, many businesses relied on television and broadcasting to present live reports or videos. This was, definitely, costly.

However, today, any business with a strong internet, a high-definition camera, and a social media account can broadcast live. Several popular sites, like YouTube and Facebook, enable users to broadcast live for free.

#4 Real-Time Engagement

Live streaming offers you a direct conversation with your customers and target audience. This makes your audience feel more connected to your brand.

Live videos also give a chance for companies to offer live support, Q&A sessions, and office tours. This is a great way to increase engagement as you are showing people that you care about their thoughts and opinions.

#5 Fastest Growing Industry

Live video streaming is one of the fastest growing industries. Live videos are the developments happening in all the social media platforms.

Apart from the platforms built for live streaming, most social media channels also now promote the live video. For example, Facebook and YouTube live, Instagram, Periscope from Twitter, from and many more.

The live streaming industry is here to stay and it is taking over.


Live streaming is a social media trend that companies should not overlook. It is a powerful video marketing tool which provides real-time content that is live, interactive and more appealing to users.

Understanding the benefits of live streaming can help you build the appropriate plan to boost your leads and convert them into customers and followers.

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